6 Hair Products That Cut Down On Blow Dry Time

If you’re blessed with long, thick hair, you might not feel like it’s a blessing because it takes you forever to blow dry your hair, let alone straightening or curling it.

But, take a second and realize that girls like me (with thin ass hair) would kill for your hair. Plus, all you need is the right product and you’ll be whipping your dry hair back and forth in no time.


Not only is this spray super affordable, it actually works. Reviewers on Amazon love the quick dry time, but keep coming back for the silky smooth texture it gives to their hair.


If you want the scent of cotton candy to fill your nostrils as you blow dry your hair in the morning, this is the product for you. On top of cutting down the blow dry time, it’s also designed to cut back on frizz.


While this styling spray is way pricier than other options, Oribe has a cult following for a reason. You definitely won’t feel the need to hide the sleek black bottle in your bathroom cabinets.


Why is this product called “The Wizard?” Because it does a ton of shit at once. The product detangles, nourishes, and strengthens your hair on top of reducing dry time. Some reviewers are so obsessed with the scent that they say they’d buy a perfume version. Interesting…


This product is perfect for those of you who have oily hair, because reviewers claim that the product isn’t as oily as other sprays and leaves your hair “looking like you just got a blowout.”


Besides the cute pink bottle, this product packs a big protective punch against heat damage while letting you take less time to dry your hair. Seems like a win-win to us.

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