It’s Official: Working Out Probs Won’t Make You Skinny

Some incredible news has come out of the scientific community: working out might not actually do jack shit when it comes to weight loss.

The Atlantic pointed out this week that while working out is more popular than ever, people are still hella overweight in America. Clearly, our obsession with the treadmill is doing fuck-all to help us lose weight.

The Atlantic theorized that this is because when we become more active, our bodies get used to it and stop burning extra calories. Have you ever seen a marathon runner who wasn’t rail-thin and wondered how this was possible? That’s your answer: their body was like, “Oh, eight to 12 miles a day? IDGAF, I’m staying doughy and there’s nothing you can do.”

It’s a bummer that exercise might not be the weight loss silver bullet we all thought it was — but maybe this is good news.

Why? Because it means people can stop beating themselves up in the gym without seeing any progress on the scale.

As a lazy person, I have never fallen prey to the myth that working out can make you thin. I prefer to just diet and do some Pilates for optimum booty roundness. But I’ve seen so many friends drive themselves insane by exercising in an attempt to lose weight. Since they don’t also modify their diets, they don’t lose weight.

“I’ve been working out every day and still nothing!” they’ll whine while reaching for a carby, sugary, protein-laden post-workout shake. “What the hell am I doing wrong?!”

There there, meathead pals. Let science set you free! Work out for reasons other than weight loss, and you’ll become so much happier — not to mention less annoying to the rest of us.

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