Wildflower’s 8 Reasons Why Your Phone Case Is Your Most Important Accessory

If you haven’t heard of Wildflower, you’re missing out.

The brand, consisting of handmade iPhone accessories designed in Los Angeles by founder Michelle Carlson and her two daughters, Devon and Sydney Carlson, has become a favorite for teenage girls with edgy, fashion-forward style.

“Designing was a natural step for us. We create cases that we genuinely want to wear, that compliment our style and become conversation pieces. We know our demographic because we are the same edgy girl we design for,” says Devon.

Celebs like Miley Cyrus, Kylie Jenner, Lucy Hale, and an array of Youtube talent have been seen rocking the floral, studded phone cases, leading Wildflower to exclusive partnerships with retail powerhouses like Nasty Gal, Anthropologie, ASOS, Free People, and more.

“On social media, we talk to our customers, listen to what they have to say, and give them more of what they want. We cater to girls who want to stand out and make a statement, who also live on social media. And we’ve understood the designs that defy trends so we give our customers something unique that she’ll wear over time,” says Sydney. And if you shop at Wildflower, unique is what you’ll get.

Galore caught up with Devon and Sydney before heading to Coachella to find out just how important a stylish phone case can be. See Wildflower’s 8 reasons why your phone case is your most important accessory, below.

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1. When you have a boring outfit on, you just put on a cute case and it immediately makes your outfit a 10/10.

2. Phone Cases are like bras. Always there for support and close to your heart. You know, if you hold your phone by your heart.

3. Your phone case shows a lot about you.

4. You get to match your mani to your phone case, which makes for great instagram pics.

5. You can get matching cases with your best friend.

6. Having a knockout phone case is a great icebreaker. Strangers will actually go out of their way to be nice and talk to you if they see your case. I’ve had random people stop me because they wanted to know where I got my case.

7. If you forget your purse, just hold your phone case. It’s the same thing.

8. Not only is it cute, but it’ll protect your phone when you drop it… like I do… 12 times a day.


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