18 Places That’ll Give You a Student Discount

The day that brings on so much anxiety, and so much excitement all at same time is quickly approaching — graduation. And I don’t know what to feel at this point.

Even though I’ll finally be done with homework and morning classes, graduation means it’s time to do a lot of scary things like find a real job and wave bye bye to the Bank of Parents.

But by far the most upsetting change happens the second I lose my college email because you know what that means, right?

No more student discounts!!!

Even though, there will always be sales and promotions happening, there’s nothing like having that extra discount always on deck every time you shop.

So to help everyone out, I’ve kindly put together some of the best the places to hit up before crossing that stage in May.

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1. ASOS, 10%

It might not be much, but everything little discount counts in my books.

Click Here

2. Unif, 15%

15% off of sick clothes, shoes, and accessories. There’s nothing more for me to say.

Click Here

3. Puma, 10%

Eyeing the Rihanna Puma collection? You might want to get on that now before time runs out.

Click Here

4. Apple Music, 50%

I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to avoid paying the full 9.99 as long as possible.

Click Here

5. Princess Polly, 25%

Do you really need an explanation, beyond 25% off, to shop for clothes? I didn’t think so.

Click Here

6. Public Desire, 10%

Shoes, shoes, shoes… Need I say more? But wait, for right now you can get not 10%, but 20% off for 48 hours only.

Click Here

7. Rag & Bone, 15%

Every now and then, a little something expensive doesn’t hurt… that much. Ok, it does, but for now put this lovely 15% into good use.

Click Here

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8. Ray Ban, 20%

You always need a set of shades to block the haters.

Click Here

9. Love Honey, 20%

The place the represents “the sexual happiness people” with a small price cut.

Click Here

10. Lime Crime, 15%

If you been eyeing those new Unicorn hair dyes, well, you know what to do.

Click Here

11. Sigma, 10%

For those makeup lovers and Cosmetology students — get on this!

Click Here

13. Dylan’s Candy Bar, 15%

It’s tons of candy with a discount. It gets no better!

Click Here

14. Hotels.com, 10%

Planning to go on a trip soon, book your hotels now and save a little somethin’, somethin’.

Click Here

15. Barre3, 20%

If you’re like me and too cheap to pay for class subscriptions, but desperately need a good workout. Put this nice 20% off into good use and sign up for a class or three today soon before lose out on this healthy deal.

Click Here

16. Glasses USA, 55%

Knowing how expensive prescription glasses are every little percentage off helps. With Glasses USA you’re not only getting this bomb ass discount, but a high quality set of lens.

Click Here

17. Levi, 15%

America’s favorite pair of denim. We all know denim is the least likely to go out of style, so save while you buy.

Click Here


The best part is that you can find all these sites that I mentioned above and more through Unidays. Unidays gives students the to chance to save their coins by offering exclusives deals on everything — music clothes, fitness, beauty, electronics, travel, and so much more easily accessible on the website. Get yourself verified now through college email now and have student discounts for a year before you have reverified again!

Click here to sign up right now!!

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