What your nightmares about social media are trying to tell you

Bedtime. The only time that a majority of modern day women of the world actually put their phones down, even though they are probably still close by on the nightstand charging next to that nighttime face mask you’re never gonna use and a gajillion water bottles.

Well, if you have a lot on your mind, then you probably aren’t getting the best night’s sleep. In which case, you’ll dream, and on those nights of jolted sleep, you might even remember them.

A lot of therapists, psychics and hippie grandmas alike believe in the power of dream symbolism. There are even dream dictionaries, websites and specialists you can call upon to interpret your nightly brain movies. And yeah, those might help you work through those weird sex dreams or why you keep dreaming about bees stinging you. Or in my case, why I dreamt of pushing one of my aggressive group project members into a orca whale tank. (Although that one, while creative, was mostly self-explanatory.)

But what about social media dreams? No one was dreaming of their online presence or their follower count 20 years ago, hell even 10 years ago, I don’t think anyone cared as much as they do now.

Of course, this means we’re thinking about it more, which means we’re dreaming about it more. Here, are some common social media related nightmares and what they could mean.

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Losing Followers

If you lose a mass amount of followers in your dreams, or you lose ALL your followers, it could mean you’re feeling unloved or neglected in your own life. You may feel like your IRL friends has disappeared and you fear your online safe haven is next.

If you dream of losing a specific follower, then surface translation: you may be afraid of losing that person in your IRL. Whether it’s a work colleague or a friend that’s drifting slowly into acquaintance territory, you sense a distance there. Since nowadays, cutting someone off is done officially through social media, this is the way your brain relays that fear to you.

Posting your nudes

You might be scared you’re revealing too much of yourself online — whether emotionally or physically. Maybe you’ve started sharing more personal details online and it has you feeling a bit vulnerable. You can scale back your internet openness, until you feel ready. Or, find beauty and strength in your vulnerability.

Remember a lot of the most inspiring influencers are making themselves vulnerable everyday, and helping a lot of young women in the process. So, if it feels right, do it.

But, it’s equally important to remember: you do you.

Liking your ex’s or enemy’s photos

You care about them, at least enough to look at their feed and worry about what they think of you. You care too much about making sure they don’t think you care. It’s mentally exhausting.

There are some many other ways to waste your time on social media. Look up what Justin Bieber’s doing or look up that person from Vine you forgot about.

If you don’t want to care, you have to put it into action, which means leaving their Instagram the F alone. Nothing wrong with roasting an ex’s shitty posts for a minute, but when it starts showing up in your dreams, it’s time to take a step back.

Getting no likes

You fear rejection and crave validation. Maybe, you feel like your engagement has been down, and it has you confronting the worst possible scenario in your dream world. Hopefully, in your dream you just deleted the pic and tried again.

Honestly, no likes is almost impossible. If you’re desperate comment “LB” on Kylie Jenner’s Insta pics. Just kidding, that’s weird. Look into upping your Insta game and follower count, that way this hellish nightmare never becomes a reality.

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All your profiles getting deleted

You need a cleanse, a shock, a shakeup in your internet life.

While, deleting all your accounts is a little extreme, your brain may be trying to tell you need to take a step back and unplug for a bit. Rent a yurt, or even go to Whole Foods without your phone for once — there’s a whole world out there.

Getting cyber-bullied by your favorite celebrity

You fear being ridiculed, especially by someone you admire, or sincerely adore. You work hard and you put an image of yourself out into the world, and your biggest fear is people thinking you’re nothing but a joke or just another gal trying to get insta famous.

While not caring what other people think is easier said than done, it’ll get easier. Especially when you realize, there are more people building you up on social media rather than tearing you down.

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