What Are Your Sex Dreams Trying To Tell You?

So you woke up wet. No, it’s not your period coming early, it’s you waking up a little horny after your sex dream with that random barista who made your chai latte Tuesday morning. Wtf? He wasn’t even that hot…but now you want to go get another chai before work to make sure.

We all have sex dreams, whether they’re sexy, scary, or just plain dirty. Sometimes they leave us wondering what on earth is going on in our minds to conjure up such a dream. Here are some of the most common (sorry, no time to analyze why you’re dreaming about using a strap-on with Olivia Culpo)  sexual dreams, and what they could mean for you.


1. Star-Studded Sex

You’re cursing your alarm clock because it just interrupted a dream in which Cody Simpson was about to go down on you…damn. While your brain could just be reacting to how sexy he looked in his last Instagram photo, it could mean something else. If you’re single, it might be reinforcing that there are plenty of potential hotties out there for you. If you’re taken, it could either mean that you’re feeling that your partner is lacking an important trait, or quite possibly that you feel like your man is so awesome that he compares to a celebrity.

2. Cheating

Having dreams about cheating on your dude can make you feel guilty, and having dreams about him cheating on you can make you wake up pissed. Unfortunately, nobody can control what they do in their dreams, so better to know what it might actually mean (hint: it usually doesn’t mean either of you are actually looking to cheat). Dream experts say that you’re likely to have dreams about you cheating after taking a big step in your relationship, it doesn’t mean that you’re having second thoughts, it’s simply natural for you to dream about the fact that you may be missing out on other potential partners. If you haven’t taken a big step in your relationship, it might represent another situation where you feel that you have betrayed or lied to your partner (even if it has nothing to do with you doing the dirty with his BFF). If you dream about your man cheating on you, it likely means that you’re feeling abandoned lately or that he’s not giving you the attention you desire.

3. Ex Dreams (Nightmares?)

Thankfully, sources say that having hot and heavy dreams about your ex doesn’t necessarily mean that you miss him. It could mean that you’re reflecting on happier times in search of closure, or that you’re taking a big step in a new relationship. For more analysis, read here.


4. Searching For Sex

You know those dreams where you’re running and running and running, but can’t seem to move? This is almost like the sexual equivalent of that. You and your lover are trying to screw, but can’t seem to find a place to do the deed. What does this mean (besides sexual frustration)? If you’re single, it probably means that you may have just gotten out of a break-up or are experiencing a loss of intimacy with your partner. If you don’t seem to be having any problems with your dude, it might mean that you are unsure of the future between you two, or there is an underlying issue you’re struggling with (something like being long-distance, perhaps).

5. Queer Sex (If You’re Straight)

If you like dick, but find yourself getting down with Charlotte Mckinney in your dream, it could mean a couple of things depending on how you react. If you’re not into it, it means that you may be experiencing some insecurity in your relationships with someone of the opposite sex or that you’re questioning your femininity. If you’re totally into it in your dream, it represents self-love and acceptance. If you dream about your crush getting it on with a guy, it might mean that you have doubts that he’ll ever return your feelings.

6. Sex in Public

There are two ways this could go. Either you’re embarrassed as hell that suddenly a room full of people are staring at you while you’re face down, ass up; or you’re loving the attention and getting hot feeling the spotlight. For the former, it means that you’re worried about what others think of your relationship. For the latter, it might be a hint that you want to get more adventurous with your dude and get naughty in public (find tips for doing it here).


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