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Born Dreamer

Born Dreamer is developed to vibe with your personal body chemistry and create something truly, uniquely you, making it a perfect gift to give friends, family, and loved ones. Born Dreamer’s bottle size allows the fragrance to be gifted as a thoughtful stocking stuffer, and follows TSA requirements, letting holiday travelers bring the fragrance on the plane with no fuss! 

The fragrance features a bright, sparkling top note Anjou pear and orange zest, followed by the aroma of jasmine petals, and grounded in warm cashmere woods and amber– which has TikTok scent enthusiasts comparing it to a very popular Maison Francis Kurkdjian fragrance

Available on ULTA

Every Cycle Reusable Tampon Applicator ($39.99)

Periods are not the problem. However, period products do cause a range of problematic environmental waste. Every Cycle’s goal is to combat the waste caused by period products.  Join this sisterhood by switching your disposable applicator to the Every Cycle reusable FDA cleared tampon applicator, the first with a storage compartment, and help eliminate 10,000+ plastic applicators of waste per person. The Every Cycle Reusable tampon applicator is intended to be used to insert a digital menstrual tampon into the vagina. It is designed to be used by a single user and is compatible with most digital tampons in the US. The Every Cycle reusable tampon applicator is designed for repeated use by a single user. 

Available on Amazon

Peak Scents

Price: Varies

Peak Scents’ plant-based line of skincare beauty products nourishes, soothes and protects skin with result-driven formulas. Powered by responsibly sourced plant-based ingredients, Peak Scents’ skincare products are made with a combination of antioxidants, organic herbs and fruit extracts that are all free of toxins. Their customer-loved skincare collection created by a clinical herbalist is safe on the most sensitive skin, paraben-free, cruelty-free and alcohol-free. Peak Scents is committed to bringing handcrafted, safe and affordable products that nurture your skin and deliver results. Find true transparency in your beauty routine with Peak Scents 100% plant-based skincare line!


TERMINAL B is a luxury home fragrance brand that merges scent with travel through candles, uniquely named by airport code of each corresponding destination (ie LAX-Tabac & Smoked Leather Inspired by Los Angeles)

Since our launch in July 2021, we have quickly grown and have been featured in Forbes, secured various luxury hotel partnerships, and we recently won “Best New Product Award” in Beauty & Wellness at NY NOW – one of the largest home & gift shows in the world.

Candles retail at $44 for our 10.58 oz candles, $20 for our 4 oz travel tins and can be purchased at terminalbstore.com, and Amazon.


Price: $28-$42

Bring calmness to your holiday stress with Artistscent’s professionally crafted candles.  Based on collections by talented artists, Artistscent pairs with each artist to create a unique scent showcasing the art each artist created. Creating designs thoughtfully derived from an original piece, and adapted onto reusable glass vessels, Artistscent allows each owner to experience a custom piece in a new way. Just imagine a uniquely balanced, room-filling fragrance that transports you to the Canadian Evergreen forests, or to the remote beach you dreamed of visiting. Find the piece that speaks to you today!

Available for purchase on their website


Best known for their famous Rosehip Skincare – essano is now taking the US skincare market by storm with the latest must-have product that should be in everyone’s skincare routine – meet the Vitamin C Super Glow Face Oil


Let us introduce you to  vVARDIS, the revolutionary oral health brand leading a transformation in oral care and dentistry. The entire kit is phenomenal and can be used daily! The serum supposed to be used over a 7-day period before bed so that the serum can sit overnight. The focus of the product is not entirely whitening. It supposed to be an anti-aging ritual used to strengthen, protect, and rebuild enamel that prevents cavities. It does have whitening properties but is not the focus of the product. The benefits you may feel after the treatment are a smooth soft feeling on the teeth, brightened smile, less stains and ultimately repairs and strengthens your enamel.

Available on their website and Amazon Luxury.


Always Golden Duo($35.99) 

Protect and hydrate your glow 24/7 with the Always Golden Duo. This sunscreen combination perfectly protects you from head to toe against UV and blue light. Use it day and night to promote healthy skin that feels soothed and protected.

Hair ResQ  

Price: $12.99

For the one who loves hair care! Give the gift of salon-quality hair products at an affordable price from Hair ResQ! Nourish your scalp this with clean and natural ingredients. Hair ResQ is the perfect solution for those suffering from dry, itchy scalp and thinning hair due to age, changing hormones, or even just the everyday stressors of life. Combining the powerful duo of nature + science, HairResQ delivers real results you can count without breaking the bank – the entire line is under $12.99! 

Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Non-GMO, and free from Parabens, Phthalates, Glycols, and Gluten. Each bottle features organic ingredients, no junk, and 100% Ocean-Bound plastic. Available on Walmart.com and Amazon 

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