WFH-themed lipgloss & 5 other things I obsessed over in October

Ironically enough, the spookiest thing about October was not virtual trick-or-treating or maskless COVID parties, but a cliffhanger election that we’re currently still dealing with. If you deal with stress and anxiety through retail therapy, you’re in the right place. From leather cowboy hats, to WFH-themed lip glosses, to tiki cocktail cups, perhaps you’ll find something to stress-buy with your EDD card this month from this list of my favorite things in October. 

1. A cowboy hat so you can yee-haw your way through the rest of 2020

Australiano Leather Hat-Black-galore-mag

Siembra Heritage Australiano Hat in Black Leather, $150

Cowboys remind me of summer, black leather reminds me of fall. This Siembra Heritage hat combines the best of both worlds for a surprisingly flattering cowboy hat that’s high quality AF. And, judging by all the people who have “borrowed” this hat from me (even if only for five minutes), it looks good on literally everyone. Even me, and I don’t usually look great in hats (#smallheadproblems). It’s currently sold out in black leather, but you can snag it in black suede or chocolate.


2. A super-flattering bikini that will still be trendy come next summer

Skyler Swimwear Bikini VI top + bottom in cacao, $74/each

Swimwear has come a long way in recent years. No longer are we restricted to bikinis, tankinis, and mom-like one pieces. Instead, we have swimwear that is more designed for IG than for IRL, and bottoms that leave very little to the imagination if you wanna show off your booty gains. But to be honest, when it comes to flattering swimwear for my body type, simple works best. Not to mention, simple suits tend to be the most practical if you’re planning on actually wearing your suit to the beach/pool. Skyler Swimwear is my new favorite swim brand for a multitude of reasons. Not only are their suits super flattering, high quality, and classic, but the founder is also a 22-year-old megababe who splits her time between Mexico and LA. Catch me wearing the Bikini III Bottom and taking booty pics in my room all winter long.


3. WFH-themed lip glosses that are never sticky

AJ Crimson P.M.L.E High Shine Lip Gloss, $22

I’m not a lipstick girl, I’m a gloss girl, but sometimes you need a little color. As soon as I saw the cute names for AJ Crimson’s “Office Politics” gloss collection (names include “Per My Last Email” and “Regards”), I had a feeling I’d like them. The glosses themselves feel super moisturizing, but not sticky, and the colors are super subtle in the best way. My favorite colors are the light pink-ish nudes, “PMLE” and “Regards.” The only thing I’d recommend is make sure your lips are hydrated beforehand. Mine tend to get dry, and I noticed that sometimes the color would dry/cake in my lip crevices after long-wear—not very cute. 


4. Toothpaste that’s the same color as your soul

Terra & Co. Brilliant Black Toothpaste, $19.99

Fun fact about me: I love garlic, onions, and all the spicy/smelly shit. I typically brush my teeth after eating a meal at home, because I cook with lots of flavor and it gets stuck in my mouth and/or breath. A few months ago, I realized that after brushing my teeth, the flavor of whatever I ate (probably red onion) was still lingering. I thought maybe I needed a new toothbrush, but then I realized I actually just needed a better toothpaste. This one from Terra & Co. is my new fave. It’s very minimalist aesthetic (read: looks good on my bathroom counter) and is made with activated charcoal to naturally whiten and your polish your teeth while getting rid of any smelly shit.


5. A perfect, natural pony that’ll make up for your at-home haircut


Insert Name Here Lola Pony, $45

I’ve had my fair share of dabbling in faux-ponies in the past few years, but I’m always worried about someone looking at me and thinking, “Oh, that girl’s hair is totally fake.” This pony—the Lola by Insert Name Here—is great if you want that perfect pony without looking too extra. It’s relatively short so it looks natural, except instead of straightening and/or blowing out your hair to make it perfect, you literally just tie your hair up into a pony or bun, and wrap this baby around it. Instantly perfect hair, no hassle necessary. Everyone is always shocked when I tell them it’s not mine, and their five-prong clip stays on way better than other extensions brands I’ve tried. 


6. Mugs that make your kitchen feel like a five-star resort (or that 5th Moscow Mule seem more festive vs. tragic)


Tuxton Home Kona Tiki Mugs, $179 for 6

Seasons are irrelevant these days, so why not keep the summer vibes going with these adorable Tiki Mugs by Tuxton Home? I thought these mugs were super fun for a spooky tiki cocktail vibe in October. Or, since most of us are probably having a bit of a unique Thanksgiving this year, why not say F it to Turkey and have a Hawaiian Luau with your pod? The possibilities are endless. Plus, the set is on sale right now!


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