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Sensual, sexual, luxurious, mysterious, authentic; the Afro-Cuban, West Philadelphia Native, Blk Ken declares that these are the five main ingredients that shape him. His intent as an artist is to use his music as a way to spread awareness to others to let them know it’s alright to express themselves through any art form that resonates with who they truly Are. Blk Ken is bringing back 90’s vibrations with his velvet smooth voice mixed in with tasteful lyrics and unique Flow.

Blk Ken is also known as International High Fashion Model “Karon A Byers” who lived in London for 3 years with 11+ years of experience booking and winning over major clients with in the industry such as Nike, Adidas, Forever 21, Marc Jacobs, David Hart, Asos etc.

Blk Ken has recently released an EP, All Eyez On Ken, which is available to stream on all platforms.


What is the story behind the production of your EP All Eyez On Ken?

The reason I titled my Debut Ep “All Eyez On Ken” is because I feel deeply this point in my life all eyes are on me. I feel closer to God, even my connection with my spiritual guides are on best friend status. I feel amazing at this point of my life; God is watching my hustle

The song “Ken’s Dream House” was inspired by a text from my ex girlfriend telling me that she missed me.

“Blk Mamba” talks about manifesting your dreams with a locked in mamba mentality while keeping a positive mental during your life journey. I express myself through my lyrics towards the end of the track stating you should always show love to the people that throw negative vibrations your way you’ll win at the end of the day.

The song “Pastor Ken” was me having fun with church like terminology; transforming it into a sensual experience while using clever word-play.

“Breyonna Taylor” is inspired by Tupac “Brenda’s Gotta Baby.” I needed a song showcasing how much I respect women and enjoy seeing them succeed. Growing up with 6 sisters it was only right. There will be plenty more music from my experiences from supporting women coming soon.

“Psychedelic Touchdown” is a trip into a Ken’s Wonderland. It is very trippy with the sound selection and adlibs that creates a shroomlike experience. It’s a song you can ride to at 3 in the morning!

“Gloria’s Lullaby” is a song I’ve dedicated to my late grandma “Gloria Allen” it’s not so much about the story of the song it’s more so about the butterflies that this song creates inside. I had to build my confidence to put this song out; I’ve been holding on to this song for a few years, it was a perfect fit for my recent EP “All Eyez On Ken”

How would you describe your spiritual practice? If you could give someone advice on how to connect with the spiritual realm, what would you suggest?

I would describe my practice starting with meditation and prayer. I cannot forget I speak to God daily like he’s one of my homies (which he is lol). I enjoy building that bond with my higher self; we can all connect with our higher self. I suggest that in order to build a spiritual connection with the universe, live in your true form; be true to who you are. When you are in contact with your higher self the path will become much clearer.

As a model with a long standing career, why is representation important?

One of my favorite scripture is  “when two or three are gathered under my name there I am with them.”  It is very important to build a strong lasting career. Nobody can do it on their own. There’s nothing wrong with having help on your path. Once you allow the path you’re on to flow without you trying to control it life begins to be much more beautiful.

Did you ever feel the need to represent a community? 

I am a product of my own environment if I get the opportunity to shift my community for the better I’ll pursue to the best of my abilities.

Did you ever experience different treatment due to race, or any imposed “difference”?  

I’ve observed and experienced indirect racism, but I haven’t paid it much mind I just move different moving forward.

How did the quarantine period impact you as an artist?

I’ve been in the best shape I have ever been from a fitness standpoint. I’ve also sharpened my creative niches while discovering new ones. I’ve reached another level of storytelling. 

What do you aim to bring into fruition in the future? 

Everything is in motion. The path is already set for me to follow. I have and will maintain focus. I’m aware of the obstacles that will come. I’m ready for what I ask the universe for. 

To connect with Blk Ken you can follow him on Instagram and stream his music on Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal.


Interview conducted by Shirley Reynozo

Photographed by: Shirley Reynozo
Styled by: Christopher Quarterman

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