Weekly Horoscopes: May 23–29, 2016

Welcome to Galore horoscopes, where we’ll advise you on whether to expect drama, chill vibes, hot sex, or all of the above over the coming week.

Peep your sign’s seven-day forecast, starting Monday and ending the following Sunday, below. Pro tip: instead of your sun sign, make sure to read your rising sign as it’s far more accurate.


Jupiter is making harsh aspects to Saturn. Rethink your entire situation and don’t take bold moves right now. The slow approach is the right approach. Really think about your decisions and the consequences attached. Opt for long term planning vs. short term impulsiveness. And please, be sure to have a backup plan.

This Friday, fiery Mars moves into Water sign Scorpio, your 8th house of shared finances and deep intimacy. Think about money you share with others. If you’re married or share finances with somebody, don’t divorce under this transit — money matters could get nasty.



Have you been having too much fun and spending too much money lately? Saturn is reminding you to be a good bull and be more careful with your dough.

Mars enters your 7th house of commitments and relationships on Friday. You will be focusing a lot of your energy on one-on-one relationships. You might become more competitive. But even if you end up fighting with your lover, make sure to make up after. Fiery Mars will add it’s spice, and interactions with others will become extra steamy. Since Mars is in retrograde motion, it’s very likely that an ex from your past could resurface.



Geminis are known to have the Peter Pan syndrome, never wanting to grow up. If you’re currently living with your lover, there might be some tension about house duties. Have there been a lot of arguments and hot make up sex lately?

Mars is dipping back into Scorpio this Friday and will turn your attention to health, work, and routine. You might be working on various projects, which are suddenly coming to you from all walks of life. You will have limitless energy from warrior planet Mars, but don’t forget to eat or sleep. You might overwork yourself this week.



Has work been a little overwhelming lately? Are too many people asking you for favors that you cannot reject? This Friday, Mars enters your 5th house of romantic encounters and creativity. Creative enterprises will bloom and you will have the stamina to work hard, day and night.

The fire inside you will be burning, especially in regards to your love life. Since Mars is still retrograde, you could be reuniting with an ex, which could bring up some drama. Let’s admit it: don’t we all crave a little drama in our lives?



You’ve been really good at making money lately, but you feel like you’re rejecting romance and wish you could have just a little more fun. I understand it’s getting hot outside and you love to hit the parties and flirt with everybody. Soon, Leo, soon.

This Friday, impulsive Mars enters your 4th of house of family and home. Try to watch out for conflict at home. You might be criticizing everyone around you. You will fire up more easily, so little arguments might blow up more than usual. Try to use your energy to renovate your home, paint your walls or rearrange your living room. Turn your shack into the palace you deserve to live in.



You want to do your own thing and make big changes in your life, but is your family on your side? Saturn in your 4th house of home and family is harshly aspecting Jupiter in your 1st house of self. You are more self confident than ever and ready to take over the world. Why are the people closest to you trying to stop you? Understand that your family’s concern is coming from a place of love. Just don’t act too impulsively. Take slow and thoughtful steps towards world domination.

Mars moved into Scorpio last week, your 3rd house of communications and neighborhood, and will motivate you to interact with people who live in your radius. This will be a good time to initiate projects in your hood.



You feel like you are finally ready to deal with your neglected issues. The only thing that is slowing you down is heavy Saturn though, which is currently transiting through your 3rd house of communication. Your speech is getting impacted and you are more shy to talk about things. Libras are very mental signs, and like to engage in conversation. You need this kind of verbal exchange. Words are like soothing medicine for your problems.

This week, Mars enters your 2nd house of finances, so try not to max out your credit card. Be careful with impulsive spending as it could really backfire. Rethink your financial plan!


Your social life is still booming, but that could also mean that you’ve been spending way too much money. Taking a cab to this event here then Ubering to the after party… I feel you. But your wallet is not happy!

Good news: Mars, your co ruler, is dipping back into your sign on Friday! Mars will energize your body and your soul. You‘ll be sexier than ever, but also more dangerous (if that is even possible with you). Since Mars is still retrograde, you might bump into people from the past. They’ll be lusting after the insane magnetism you’re projecting right now.



In your career, things are going pretty well. However, Saturn, which is currently in your first house of self, is pinning you down and making you feel reserved about expressing yourself. It feels like you’re behaving as if you have a stick up your derriere.

Mars moves back into Scorpio this week, your 12th house of the unconscious. If there are troubles re-emerging from your past, now would be a good time to deal with them. Yoga or Tai Chi could be very healing. If you want to stop drinking or indulging in drugs, or if you feel like your lifestyle has been unhealthy and unproductive, you could finally feel like you have the power to overcome your struggles and free yourself from all your troubles through spirituality.



You feel like you want to travel and go out there in the world, but something is dragging you down… you’re just not sure what it is. Saturn is currently touring your unconscious house, which could be why you’re feeling all this tension.

Mars has been stirring up all kinds of unconscious battles you thought you had already dealt with. You can breathe a little now, since Mars is moving back into Scorpio, your 11th house of friends and dreams. You could be interacting with friends from the past. Usually, you’re not too competitive and take on your own path towards success. For a business to succeed, you know that teamwork is key. Watch out not to get too competitive, as Mars likes to bring out those lower qualities in us.  



Hustler planet Mars will move backwards from your friendship house into your career sector. You’ve been reevaluating your friendships and there might have been a few arguments along the way. Now with Mars in your career sector, things could get a little competitive at work. Remember, as long as the competition is healthy, don’t worry too much about it. Mars, the go getter planet, is fueling you to reach higher levels.



Career or relationships, what should you focus on more? It would be so lovely to go on holiday with your boo, but for your career and reputation, it would be better not to take off and disappear to a romantic island.  

Since Mars is moving into Scorpio, your 9th house of travel, you actually may decide to pack your bags and take off on a plane. After Mars touring your career sector for so long, you probably feel like you deserve a holiday. Just be responsible about your plans, and be sure it doesn’t interfere with your responsibilities. 

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