Weekly Horoscopes: May 2-8, 2016

Welcome to Galore horoscopes, where we’ll advise you on whether to expect drama, chill vibes, hot sex, or all of the above over the coming week.

Peep your sign’s seven-day forecast, starting Monday and ending the following Sunday, below. Pro tip: instead of your sun sign, make sure to read your rising sign as it’s far more accurate.


Hey Aries! Have you been spending a lot of money lately? Perhaps indulging in a little too much? Lucky for you, there’s a new Moon on Friday, which falls into your money sector. Remember no pain, no gain.

If you spent too much money partying, Friday is the best time to review and understand how to start saving up again. You could create a new, successful financial plan just in time for any Cinco De Mayo celebrations! Don’t forget to put some money aside though, you still need to buy your mamma something pretty for Mother’s Day. Flowers are not that expensive, and they’re always a lovely gift idea.

While Mercury is still retrograde, communications could become stubborn. It is likely that you’ll lose your voice, since a lot of planets are in Taurus right now, and the body part associated with Taurus is the throat. Taurus rules your second house, so take it easy on the smoking.



The sun is still under your venusian powers, my dear Taurus. With the powerful new moon, you have a refreshingly pure energy. People will be so attracted to you right now. Your light beam of charisma is on high power.

WARNING: When Mercury is retrograde in the first house, bulls could lose their tempers and get themselves into stupid arguments. Thankfully, with charming Venus in the mix, you won’t come off as rude. Just don’t be stubborn.

What an amazing birthday month for you! The sun is trining Jupiter, the luckiest planet of the solar system. Now is the time to take those selfies – no shame Taurus. Feel free to send them to your admirers! It’s time to show yourself off a little and celebrate who you are. This week, you can get exactly what you want. Enjoy la fiesta, b-day bull.



You’re on chill mode, Gemini. This week, you won’t feel like attending any Cinco De Mayo fiestas, you’ll rather siesta. With your planetary ruler, quick witted Mercury in retrograde motion, your entire energy slows down. You’ll very likely feel tired, perhaps burnt out.

Add the new Moon hitting your 12th house of the unconscious and you’ll feel even more like chillaxing at home or even in nature. It’s an excellent time to meditate or do yoga. Open your inner cosmos and trust the positive vibes you’ll get. Laziness might overtake you, so don’t let it!

Maybe watching some movies can be the most productive activity for you this week. It’s insane how many planets are retrograde right now. This is a very interesting astrological period for all of us. Reflect.



It’s Cinco De Mayo, and all your planets point to having fun this week. Don’t worry, this week is all about letting go. With this festive holiday happening one day before the new moon, you’ll feel fresher than ever. Throw some of those rules you set for yourself out the window, you can always detox after the new moon anyway. 

With the new Moon in your 11th house, you should definitely go out! You could be meeting a bunch of new people and a ton of new friends. Loosen up and try to approach people. You can never make too many friends.

Pleasing Venus is also dancing in your 11th house of friends and associations. Throw a memorable party yourself! What a fun week for you.



With the interesting meet up of planets in your reputation sector, you’ll want to show everybody who you are and how proud you are of yourself! Leo baby, you’ll have all the power to control your reputation. Perhaps you can test your powers at one of the many Cinco De Mayo parties you’ll be invited to. 

Not only will you have magical lunar energy, but with Pluto and Jupiter aspecting the sun in your 10th house, you’ll have total cosmic support. Jupiter is the planet of good luck and Pluto is known for power and magnetism.

Look at you, Leo. It’s an amazing month for any kind of career move you feel like taking, you fierce and sexy creature.


Forget about the types you usually go for, because this week can turn your attractions completely around. Your exotic 9th house is booming, plus there is a potent new moon!

How about a last minute trip to a foreign land? You’re the type to really get into learning a foreign language, and love is great motivation. With all these exotic planetary transits, you could be absorbing a whole new culture. If you’re unable to travel due to work or other obligations, don’t worry! You’ll probably end up meeting somebody at a Cinco De Mayo fiesta.



When a new Moon falls in the 8th house of money and debts, it is an excellent time to start saving up your very own money. Please don’t sign any contracts though, since communicator planet Mercury is still retrograde. You might also get certain delays receiving money. Yeah, you can thank Mercury going in retrograde for that.

Use the planetary mix in your 8th house to find deep communication through sex. Most of the action, for you, will be happening in the bedroom. You’ll be feeling firey thanks to the planetary medley in your 8th house, which is the house of deep sexuality.



Wow, there is a beautiful new moon taking place in your 7th house of relationships and other people. Since there are so many retrograde planets at the moment, it could be that you have bumped into someone you had a thing with from your past. And bam, it’s back on.

You might redefine a few aspects of what you think love is. Get vocal and show your appreciation, be it in the bedroom or somewhere else. If single, it is definitely a delightful time to get it on. How convenient Cinco De Mayo is! You’re sure to meet a ton of new people at one celebration or another.

If coupled, spend some quality time with your lover. Start out with a beautiful dinner, and the rest of the night can be celebrated in all kinds of ways. Yes Scorpio, you know what I’m talking about.




Thanks to the new moon falling into your health sector, you’ll have full lunar support to reboot from any of this weekend’s Cinco De Mayo celebrations. This lunar placement is the best for your overall health! You’re sure to get a refreshing lunar boost. And what perfect timing! Eat/drink whatever you want then get sweaty in a workout class. Only you, Sagg.

Another great thing is that your ruling planet, lucky Jupiter, is forming a beautiful aspect to the sun. You might be receiving excellent career news. Basically, lots of positive vibes from people at work are coming your way. With the new moon lunar energy, you might get into a crazy new routine. That’s always fun.




This week is one of those moments when a kiss can really say it all. With the potent New Moon in your 5th house of true love and pleasure, you might meet a super fun hottie.

What are you waiting for? Go hit some parties. It’s likely that this could be your most exciting week ever. All signs point to you having a wonderful time at any Cinco De Mayo festivities you could attend.

It’s going to be hard for anyone to live up to your energy. What a passionate season for you, sexy Cappy. With so much love in your stars and the magical fire in your eyes, an intense attraction might heat up… and fast. Your mojo is off the hook. You’ll be smiling all week.




Aww, our so sweet Aquarius! This week is all about your mother. You couldn’t care less about the weekend’s festivities. Go hangout with your mom at home. The 4th house is ruled by Cancer, the mother archetype, so cherish the time you spend with her.

If you live far away from your family, make sure to call them on the phone or maybe send a bouquet to thank your mom for bringing you into this world. Use the lunar energy to chillax and tune into your home frequency — you need it.

Nurture yourself, cook a nice meal, and don’t spend time with people you tend to feel sensitive around. You might not be all that interested in attending any Cinco De Mayo parties this year. Like I said, dedicate this week to spending time with the ones who know you the most. Just don’t drain yourself!




Hey Pisces! How has Mercury in retrograde been affecting you? Good news: Friday’s new moon is going to ease the shit storm. There’s magical lunar energy on its way to help you press restart.

With a bunch of planets in your 3rd house of communication, you might find yourself receiving or sending out drunk texts in the late hours of the night. Take it easy on the liquor. You are the zodiac sign who is most sensitive to booze.

Do make sure to leave the house though! You could be meeting a sweetie who lives directly in your hood. Try attending a Cinco De Mayo festivity close to home – it’s a great way to meet people who are living life in the exact same place as you are.

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