Weekly Horoscopes: March 21 – 27th, 2016

Welcome to Galore horoscopes, where we’ll advise you on whether to expect drama, chill vibes, hot sex, or all of the above over the coming week.

Peep your sign’s seven-day forecast, starting Monday and ending the following Sunday, below. Pro tip: instead of your sun sign, make sure to read your rising sign as it’s far more accurate.


You’re a happy bunny, since the sun is shining brightly over your sign, Aries. This week, an interesting time period for you is coming to an end. Think back to April 2014, when this wild journey started. The main eclipses took place in Aries and Libra, really rattling things up for you and your opposite sign. Eclipses can completely rearrange our life. The last one of these Eclipse sets will be this Wednesday, taking place in your 7th house of relationships and commitment.

The past two years have been all about relationships for you. Even #Girlboss Aries, Sophia Amoruso, tied the knot. Aries people are super independent and can achieve almost anything on their own, but it’s nice to actually share your success with somebody you love and someone who supports you. Aw <3

With rigid Saturn turning retrograde in your 9th house of higher education, religion, and long distance travel, coupled with the energy of your planetary power ruler Mars, you may consider changing school or even your degree. Saturn will be retrograde until August – so you’ll have enough time to investigate various institutes to find the best fit for you.

You’re going to be digging deep and you’ll have a tremendous energy to research – options are endless – so find the best. Or you may want to study or explore matters related to your religious or metaphysical interests. Take some time to clarify your ambitions and goals.


Pat yourself on the back, Taurus. Back in April 2014 you made a commitment to yourself, you most likely radically changed your diet or decided to quit unhealthy habits. This is because the Eclipses were happening in your 6th house of health, routine and daily work. This Wednesday the final Lunar Eclipse in Libra will hit that spot of your chart. Originally it could have been a health issue that came up and that is what more or less forced you to change your habits.

It is really hard for a Taurus, a fixed sign, to change their ways. When you finally make a decision to change, though, you stick to it a hundred percent. The sign of Taurus rules the throat, so it’s not surprisingly that super talent Adele is a Taurus. This might explain why she has such an amazing voice, and why recently, she successfully quit smoking, for good. Respect, Adele.

On Friday stern Saturn will turn retrograde in your 8th house of other people’s money, shared resources and deep intimacy. Saturn is the planet of Karma and will be retrograde until August, that will give you some time to pay your debts. Saturn will help you to structure a financial plan. Saturn will be coupled with Mars, though, so it could be that when you get intimate with someone the planets might stir up the transgressive and taboo. Could be hot or not.


The Libra Lunar Eclipse in your 5th House of creativity, romance and true love will be the final one of the Libra/Aries Eclipses which started in April 2014. Eclipses can give us a complete make over. A creative masterpiece of yours might be in its final stages now.

In the past two years you have approached a new way to creativity and romance and may have increased your knowledge, plus improved your talents. The way you give and receive pleasure might have changed completely.

Your ruling planet Mercury, which will enter your 11th house of friends, groups and organizations, will give you the power of eloquence, to successfully tell the world, what you’ve been creating.

Stability oriented Saturn will go into Retrograde motion on Friday, in your 7th house of partners, relationships, enemies and contracts. Together with Mars, the coming month’s main topic will be:  – relationship lessons & power struggles – Saturn is a very karmic planet. Not typical for you, recently you may want to approach relationships with more security and seriousness?  Legal contracts you haven’t handled properly might have to be reviewed by an attorney you can trust.

Enemies from your past may come back into your life now. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. You’re so good at communication, just use your humor to deal with these kind of people.


This Friday strict Saturn will turn retrograde until August, in your 6th house of routine, health and daily work. Coupled with warrior planet Mars you’ll have the stamina to start and stick to a new diet, improve your health and maybe change up your work routine, to see what suits you best. You’ll also pay more attention to detail, which will make your boss happy.

Use this planetary energy to flip back and review. Try to release pressure through fitness. If you don’t have time to hit the gym, why not try some fun work out videos on youtube?

The powerful Libra lunar eclipse will be taking place in in your 4th House of family and home.  This eclipse will be all about endings and completions. The past two years might have brought changes to your residency, or career. A lot has been going on with your parents and siblings, there were a lot of tough lessons, involving your family. Eclipses weren’t exactly gentle and you guys had to stick together through all these tensions. You had to take care of family obligations but hopefully allowed enough free time for yourself as well. Eclipses bring you where you belong and nobody creates a home atmosphere faster than a crab. We’re so happy that cancer, Lindsay Lohan, after all her troubles, has finally settled down with a Russian billionaire prince who will let her be the queen she deserves to be.  



On Wednesday there will be a Lunar Eclipse in your 3rd House of communications, neighborhood and publishing. This is the last act of your spectacle. The show began with a game-changing lunar eclipse around April 2014. You have transformed yourself in the way you express yourself, you may have gotten big breaks and news through publications in the media. Now it’s time for the curtains to close and for you to receive that big applause you have truly deserved.

Saturn will turn retrograde in your 5th house of romance, creativity and true love. Saturn is the lord of karma, as we sow, so we shall reap. Focus will be on romantic lessons.

I promise you, that you will bump into lovers from the past, where issues are still unresolved. With some people it just ain’t over ‘til it’s OVER . . . muahaha. It will definitely be done in your Leo dramatic fashion way. For things to be purrfect in life, we sometimes need to work harder and structure our lives better, that’s Saturn’s job, basically. Desire for pleasure normally gets numbed by restrictive Saturn, but fiery Mars awakens the sexual predator in you. Don’t be surprised if you feel a little schizo.



Thanks to the Eclipses hitting your 2nd House of finances and possessions, for the past two years, you could have had some crisis with money. You might have quit a job to start a better one, where you found new ways of earning money. Some of your financial lesson may have come through a relationship. You finally know how to manage your finances better, it’s been up and down but you learned a lot and in the future you’ll be prepared for any kind of situation concerning money. Go buy yourself something nice. You deserve it.

Witty Mercury, your ruling planet will enter your 8th house of deep intimacies and shared resources on Monday. If in a relationship, you’re in a really good place to communicate your likes and dislikes, be it the uncomfortable money topic or talking about deep intimacies, what turns you on or what turns you off in the bedroom department.

Saturn will go retrograde in your 4th house of family and home, coupled with Mars, there will be a little tension on the home front. Mars can also amplify stress. Your family will want you to make them priority. Now is a good time to repair family matters and strengthen the family bond.



Libra, an era is coming to an end. Think back at what started around April 15th 2014 (it can take up to a month +/- for eclipses to manifest). That was when eclipse season in your sign commenced. . .and guess what: this Wednesday, the last Lunar Eclipse of 4 will wrap up the whole series. A similar eclipse set will only occur again in late 2023/24. Libra eclipses taught us what the right balance is between relationships. It’s been a hard lesson for all of us since it’s never that comfortable or easy to learn through other people.

Libra people have really gone through radical changes, since. Libra gal Kim Kardashian became Mrs. Kardashian West, when the first Libra Eclipse hit, most celebrity couples don’t survive, despite all the controversial media her and Kanye had to face – their union grew stronger and it’s beautiful how perfectly they balance each other out. Librans discovered and learned a lot about themselves through partnerships and others, who might have served them as a mirror, of their own actions. On Friday disciplined Saturn, will turn retrograde in your 3rd house of communication for almost 6 months. Libra being an air sign, usually likes to chitter chatter and sometimes might just blabber anything. Saturn will slow you down and make you really think before you say something. Conversations will be deeper and more serious.



Mysteryland has been your habitat for the past two years. Your 12th House of the hidden, unconscious issues, deep secrets and vulnerabilities got some moonlight from the Libra eclipses though, and this week the final one will hit you.

You might have been confusing desire from reality. You really needed your personal space. Think back to April 2014 when these deep seated issues started emerging into your conscious. 12th House issues could really be anything.

Eclipses manifest a month before or after. Last month Leonardo DiCaprio, finally got his long deserved Oscar. Even though Leo has things he cares much more about, like saving our planet through his environmentalist actions, probably deep in his unconscious, he was always wondering why he never received that Oscar. Congrats Leo!

Saturn retrogrades in your  2nd house  coupled with Mars it would be good to review your finances. Rethink how you arrange your finances. Create a financing plan. Focus on how you spend your money. Don’t just glance over and assume that everything is going to be fine . Please pay attention to how you been throwing out money for no reason. At the moment you will want to become better acquainted with your own powers, past accomplishments and future desires.



This week’s final, powerful, Libra Lunar Eclipse will fall into your 11th House of friendships, acquaintances and groups. Miraculously, as one door closes another will open. The past 2 years the eclipses have been showing you, who your real amigos are. Fellow Sagittarius Taylor Swift, had to publicly learn how to distinguish real friends from enemies. By now we know, that Kanye never wanted to be her bestie. Ouch. Through all this drama, she actually collected a whole bunch of new friends and created her Taylor bad blood army. Fuego, not Ego.

Serious Saturn will be going retrograde in your 1st house of self. Together with energetic Mars, which currently is still in your sign, the last thing you need now is someone slowing you down. Saturn reminds us of self discipline, you will feel restricted but in the end Saturn will teach you real freedom. Don’t get lost in bullshit – own your mistakes as much as your triumphs.



The Eclipses in your 10th House of career and status, might have changed your reputation over the last 2 years –  as a Capricorn you’re good at keeping up a good public image anyway, I mean standard. Maybe you had to let go of something that no longer served you, maybe it was a love relationship that made you realize that. The last one of these eclipses will hit you this week and you’ll feel very accomplished. You most likely reached a higher position already and you feel that it is the right work sector you are in, no doubt about it. Just think about your Capricorn brother Zayn Malik, he took a huge risk. He left One Direction and is doing pretty well if not better, now.

The same day of the lunar eclipse expansive Jupiter will be squaring Saturn, your ruler. You will be seeing where you’ve been too overconfident, sloppy, and excessive,

Your planetary ruler Saturn, will turn retrograde in your 12th house of the unconscious, warrior planet Mars is also still in that sector of your chart. Many things we repress are positive, actually. Try to access what you simply swept under the carpet, through meditation maybe. Saturn can slow life down, Saturn retrograde even more so. Meditation in general helps us to slow life down and find our center. Concentrate on spending time alone – But don’t expect overnight results. On the upside think about what Lao Tzu said: Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment.



The full moon lunar Eclipse in your 9th House of education and higher spirituality will one last time make you think about old values vs. new values. Your deepest beliefs and philosophies were up for questioning the past two years. Spiritual epiphany anyone?

Serious Saturn will go retrograde in your 11th House of friendships and acquaintances. You’ll be rethinking friendships. Friendships will be tested, you will learn who expands you and who is superficial or fake. Add fiery Mars into the mix, which might bring up some fights and nasty discussions. Saturn will give you the cautiousness to investigate, if friends really have the best interest for you in mind. The 11th house is also the house of dreams. Just because Saturn is the responsible reality awakening planet, never give up on your dreams. You might bump into people you just briefly met and maybe you’ll end up hanging out on a regular basis. When you meet people, though, do the nice and slow approach. There is no need to force a friendship. What will be, will be. Saturn Retrograde can bring back old issues as well. Don’t let someone guilt trip you.



Pisces, the past two years you have been diving into new depths of intimacy, you didn’t even know, you were capable of, thanks to the Lunar Eclipse, which enlightened your 8th House of one to one committed relationships, deep intimacies and shared values. During these erotically charged eclipses, you might have mixed pleasure with pain a lot. Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. You are now finally ready to open up entirely and commit deeply. For Pisces Justin Bieber and Selena the timing wasn’t right as they were too young, and the eclipse was probably too intense for him. Rihanna and Drake reuniting, though, HELLO! Pisces Riri went through hell and matured into a person, who isn’t scared anymore to give her all and commit to her deep desires, be it dark or pretty. On Wednesday the last of these partnership focused eclipses will hit us and we’ll feel like we really accomplished something.

Steady Saturn will turn retrograde this Friday, in your 10th house of career and reputation, coupled with Mars you’ll be over energized in that field. Slow down and structure. You probably heard it a million times, but these things take time. Don’t feel pressured by thinking you’re getting old and that things are running away. Age ain’t nothing but a number baby.

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