Weekly Horoscopes: March 14 to 20, 2016

Welcome to Galore horoscopes, where we’ll advise you on whether to expect drama, chill vibes, hot sex, or all of the above over the coming week.

Peep your sign’s seven-day forecast, starting Monday and ending the following Sunday, below. Pro tip: instead of your sun sign, make sure to read your rising sign as it’s far more accurate.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARIES! This Sunday, the Sun moves into your sign, to stay for a whole month.

Not only that, but for western Astrologers, the new year kicks in, since the Zodiac’s first sign is Aries. With the help of the powerful solar eclipse last week, which hit your 12th house of endings, you finally were able to get rid of things or people that weren’t good for you anymore. Don’t feel like it was a selfish decision to part. Sometimes even if it’s painful, we have to move on, this way we unblock our path of finding true happiness. There is no better time than now to start fresh; plus Jupiter, the planet of luck, which is currently in your daily work life sector will be making excellent aspects to transformational Pluto, which is touring through your career house.

You might get some lucky opportunities out of the blue that will help you shape and improve your career and reputation. Tuesday’s quarter moon in your 3rd house of communication will make your conversations much deeper and emotional. Venus in your 11th house of friends will be making a hard square to Mars in your spirituality sector. You might be creating tension, while trying to explain your new way of life to your amigos. Agree to disagree.


All these new people in your life. Last week’s solar eclipse fell into your 11th house of friendships and groups, this really whirled up your friend circles. There are some people you stopped hanging out with for good, but instead, new inspiring people who you instantly clicked with might have suddenly entered your life.

With Tuesday’s quarter moon in your 2nd house of material resources, you might get a little emotional and think that shopping therapy is the best solution to deal with your moodiness. Take care not to overspend and buy unnecessary things, dear Taurus. Call your new buddies and go out for a lovely meal instead. Afterwards make sure to get a drink in a bar and be out and about, since lucky Jupiter will be nicely aspecting sexy Pluto, raising the chances of you meeting an exotic hottie, who with their foreign approach, might unconsciously change your way of approaching love and romance. Flowers will be blooming around you, together with butterflies tickling your stomach. SPRING AWAKENING starts this week, BABY!


With the quarter Moon in Gemini, at the beginning of the week, you may come across as much moodier than usual. I mean who isn’t moody early in the week, when the weekend is so far away? Your mood though, could change abruptly mid week, when lucky Jupiter in your 4th house of family, makes a heavenly aspect to powerful Pluto in your 8th house of other people’s money.

You might get news about a family inheritance from uncle Joey, maybe . . . yay $$$

Last week’s powerful solar eclipse in your 10th house of career and ambition, might have gotten you promoted or an amazing new job offer, which requires you to move to a new city. This could create tension in your relationships, since you might have to do the long distance thing, now. And we all know how hard that is, but maybe for you it’s the best thing, since you require a lot of space and freedom, anyway.


With the powerful solar eclipse hitting your 9th house of foreign travel and higher education, you either got important work published internationally, or you decided to continue education and were occupied getting all your papers together for your application.

With Venus in your work sector, squaring feisty Mars in your 8th house of sex, you might be working too hard and this might be negatively affecting your love life. You’ve been so busy in the office lately, maybe even working over hours, that your partner might feel underappreciated and unloved. This weekend, try to spend some quality time with your sweetie to show them that you still care about them. It’s officially the first day of spring this Sunday, so why not have a nice picnic in the park to revitalize your relationship?

If single, you might meet somebody very sexy and mysterious in your neighborhood, with jovial Jupiter aspecting transformative Pluto, in your 7th house, which rules the people you attract. This could turn into something very steamy.


HELLO WORLD! THIS IS HOW I FEEL! The quarter moon in your 11th House, might make you want to shout out to everybody on your social media. You just want everybody to know, how you feel. You could be generously tweeting about the universal love you have been experiencing. Worst case scenario you might feel the urge to comment on everybody’s pictures, just because, since social networks and cyber friends will be very likely, affecting your mood.

The powerful Solar eclipse last week happened in your 8th House of deep intimacy and shared money resources. Sadly, you might have been cut off from a good monthly money source.

The good news, though are that fortunate Jupiter, which is currently in your 2nd house of income will be making a positive aspect to transformational Pluto in your 6th house of daily work. You could be getting a bonus at work. Opportunities for making extra cash this week are very likely to arise.  

With love planet Venus in your 7th house squaring Mars, planet of action in your 5th you’ll be thinking a lot about committing versus continuing to casually date.

Since Leos are very proud, they expect a lot, like wanting the person they’ve been dating to kind of be the one, to come up with the idea of taking it a step further and to be more exclusive. Whatever should happen, on Sunday the Sun will be entering your 9th house of spirituality making you very Zen and able to come up with the right decision while meditating.


Last week’s Solar eclipse highlighted your 7th house of other people and partnerships. You and your partner might have taken the next step, like decided to get married or you realized you’ve been with the wrong person all along and finally have decided to break it off for good. Sometimes when relationships end, we’re not sure if we’re actually not over a person or if we simply just miss the habit of being in a relationship. With fiery Mars in your 4th house of home, if you were living together with somebody and it’s over between you guys, there might be lots of fighting still going on, about who is keeping the couch, who gets the TV, etc.

With watery Neptune in your 7th house you might be attracting people who have a drinking problem or it might be you, who might have been trying to escape reality and your issues  through drinking or drugs. Whoever is having issues, be it you or your friend, easy on the booze this week, since St. Patrick’s day is round the corner. Make sure to eat properly, before having all those drinks.

Luckily, fortunate planet Jupiter, which is currently in your house of self, is making a lovely aspect to transformational Pluto in your 5th house of fun, romance and true love. A creative project that embodies you might be boosting your self confidence a lot right now, or you’ll be infatuated by somebody you meet, which makes you feel alive again. Is the spirit of Saint Patrick playing cupid on Thursday?


On Sunday it’s officially the first day of spring. The dark days are over. Librans love flowers and they’ll be blooming everywhere, not only on the streets but as well in your partnerships as the warm sun moves into your opposite sign Aries, which rules your 7th house, of the people you attract.

With expanding Jupiter in your 12th house of unconscious issues, making a beautiful aspect to transforming Pluto in your 4th house of home and family, you should go meet your parents or siblings to resolve anything that might have been bothering you from the early days on. This energy coupled with the quarter moon in your 9th house, of spirituality, it will feel so good to finally let go of childhood teenage drama that has unnecessarily been dragging you down.

The Pisces Solar eclipse, last week, happened in your 6th house of work, routine and health issues. You might have decided to become a vegetarian or you simply quit smoking. CONGRATS! Or you might have surprisingly left a job, because you felt like you were on the wrong path, preferring to go into a more creative field. There is some planetary tension from Mars and Venus this Monday. As a relationship focused person, who always strives for harmony, watch out, not to say things you might regret later.


Too busy being awesome? Last week, a Super moon and a potent Solar eclipse hit your 5th house of TRUE LOVE, romance and creativity. You’ve been really having fun and with your golden aura might have probably attracted somebody as magical as you.  If you haven’t yet, there might be a good possibility to meet very influential people or even VIPS, with lucky Jupiter in your friendship sector making a beautiful aspect to powerful Pluto in your 3rd house of communication and neighborhood.

If you’ve been with somebody for a while, you might be going a little crazy at the moment. You think your partner is hiding a secret from you. Don’t be so worried, its just the quarter moon in your 8th house of deep intimacy, making you think a little too much and imagine shit.

Instead use the energy of the bright sun, as this Sunday she’ll be moving into your 6th house of work, organization and routine. The sun will be in perfect alignment for you to do some much needed spring cleaning.

Feisty Mars is still in Sagittarius, your 2nd house of finances. You might have spent too much money lately, so finances are a little turbulent now. With Venus in your 4th house of family being squared by war planet Mars in your 2nd house of income, you will maybe try to ask your parents for a little financial support, but they won’t be very happy about it.


Tuesday’s quarter moon in your 7th House of relationships and other people, might, out of the blue make you overreact on a silly situation. The word Lunatic, comes from the Latin word luna, which means moon. It would be a good idea to go out into the nature, especially now in spring, inhale that fresh air and relax, maybe add a little meditation to connect to your inner peaceful center. Sometimes we just need our space from people. You can also go to the gym and sweat it out.

The Pisces new moon Solar eclipse last week happened in your 4th house of home and family. Your roommate might have moved out or you decided to find a new place to live yourself. News, surrounding your family might have been your focus lately. Career wise a prime day will be Wednesday, your ruling planet, the lucky Jupiter will be making an amazing aspect to powerful Pluto in your 2nd house of income. Now is the time to ask for a raise, or maybe you’ll be promoted! With the sun moving into your 5th house of creativity, fun and love you’ll be shining and more creative than ever.

Passive Venus though, will be squared by fiery Mars. People might not be able to keep up with your never ending energy and therefore be in defense mode and annoyed with you, because deep inside they know that they are jealous of you and your efforts and wished they were at least a little like the fireball you are at the moment.


Expansive Jupiter in your 9th house will make a magical aspect to Pluto in your 1st house of the self – go travel to a spiritual place, I promise you it might actually transform you. If you’re stuck in one city, because of your busy work schedule try to read a spiritual or positive book. Open yourself to the universe and all good things meant for you will come your way. You are even thinking to go back to school again, take the chance and research what would be the best institute for you to go.

The warm and bright Sun moves into your 4th House of home and family this Sunday, family gatherings should be pretty sweet.

Active Mars in fiery Sagittarius touring through your 12th house of the unconscious, is still stirring up passive aggressive energy. Feisty Mars will be staying there for a couple of months, so if you hadn’t had the chance yet, to meditate or talk to a therapist or friend, remember that the earlier you do, the sooner you’ll feel free and able to master anything.   

The bombastic Solar eclipse last week, happened in your 3th House of communication and the neighborhood.  You’ve been really shaking up the scene in your hood and probably were in the press a lot, getting huge publicity for your new business venture. Additionally, your siblings, for sure had some good news to share.  

Spring officially starts on Sunday. The week kicks off with beautiful Venus in your 2nd house of possessions squaring Mars in your 12th house of the unconscious, you should take the time to do some spring cleaning on the weekend, just because things look beautiful doesn’t mean they are of so much use. If you don’t just want to throw them away, why not bring them to a thrift shop in exchange for some extra $$.


The powerful Pisces Solar eclipse last week, happened in your 2nd house of finances and possessions. You might have lost a job or source of income. Things in live happen for a reason. Don’t be too upset. The quarter moon will give you a focus in your 5th house of creativity. dive into a creative project and really express yourself.

Charming Venus in your 1st house will be squared by warrior planet Mars in your 11th of friendships. Your friends might be very critical towards you. Don’t take it personal.

With the power of the Sun in your 3th House of communication you will be a good speaker and able to explain that you are going through some changes now that will actually improve the quality of your life.

If you had intimacy issues with your partner – now will be the time to solve them spiritual Jupiter in your 8th house of deep sexuality is making a beautiful aspect to transformational Pluto in your 12th house of the unconscious. Open yourself up, tantric sex with the person you love can be so healing. Don’t be scared to show vulnerability. Vulnerability is a strength and makes us experience pure love in full capacity.


The wonderful Solar eclipse last week, happened in your sign, Pisces, your 1st house of self. YOU started a new cycle of life, you are a new person full of energy and ready to take over the world. With active Mars in Sagittarius booming your 10th house of career many positive and exciting things have been happening coupled with the bright sun going through your 2nd house of finances you’ll be good at making money as well. Monday is the only day that will be a little more challenging, but I mean isn’t Monday a little challenging for all of us?

Lucky Jupiter in your 7th house of relationships and other people, will be beautifully aspecting sexy Pluto in your 11th house of friendships. Someone you thought of as a friend only, may actually become a love interest. You should totally go for it, as it’s always better being friends before being lovers. It’s good to know and value each other, before things get messy.

It’s St. Patrick’s day on Thursday. We know you love your liquor, Pisces, but please, take it easy and don’t overdo it, since dreamy Neptune, your planetary ruler, is extra potent at the moment and you might get lost. Easy…

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