Weekly Horoscopes: June 27– July 3, 2016

Welcome to Galore horoscopes, where we’ll advise you on whether to expect drama, chill vibes, hot sex, or all of the above over the coming week.

Peep your sign’s seven-day forecast, starting Monday and ending the following Sunday, below. Pro tip: instead of your sun sign, make sure to read your rising sign as it’s far more accurate.


Sex, sex, sex and more sex. Red hot Mars, your ruler, is finally turning direct in your 8th house of deep sexuality.

You might finally merge with your special someone. But watch out not to get too jealous or possessive over a lover while Mars is in your eighth house, the house of Scorpio. Be sure to enjoy those steamy, intimate nights.

If you had stress or problems with taxes or expenses, you will focus your energy to solve it. Unconsciously, other stuff will be going on. Chiron, an asteroid known as the wounded healer, will be turning retrograde in your secretive 12th house. You might be feeling a little vulnerable. Remember: Work through the pain with spirituality.



Kiss the relationship silence goodbye. No more passive aggressiveness thanks to fierce Mars finally turning direct in your 7th house of relationships and other people. If single, you could be attracting very powerful people this month, some who might help you advance in your career.

You will be focusing a lot of your energy on one-on-one relationships. You might also become more competitive with your friends. Even if you end up fighting with your friends, be sure to make up after.

Fiery Mars will add its spice, and interactions with others will become extra steamy. Especially when love planet Venus, your ruler, opposes transformative Pluto, meaning that an intense and emotional sexual connection is possible now.

Communication should be sweet too, since Mercury will be entering loving Cancer, your third house of speech. Don’t be afraid to talk to strangers, as they are very likely to become your new friends. Make some space in your circle for new souls to enter.


Fiery Mars will be turning direct, in your sixth house of health and routine. You’ll have the energy to actually hit the gym and properly work out.

Be careful not to be too bitchy or bossy at work. We all know you have been sacrificing a lot of your time, but make sure to take your energy and turn it into something positive. You might be working on various projects – which are suddenly coming into your life from many different directions. You will have limitless energy from warrior planet Mars, but don’t forget to eat and sleep.

Venus will be forming an aspect to higher Venusian octave Neptune in your 10th house of career. You might be able to receive recognition or even a salary raise if working in the artistic world, even though Chiron, the Asteroid known as the wounded healer, is turning retrograde in your career house making you more vulnerable. Remember you are human, not a robot.


Mars is turning direct in your house of true love, dear birthday babe! While Mars was retrograde, lovers from your past might have come back into your life and confused you. Now is the time to take action and put an end to the manipulative ones.

You are way too kind far too often, and therefore get used by people. Depending on what you desire, the trick here is to master the art of the bold move. Remember: Declaring your feelings to somebody can be pretty hot.

Creative enterprises will bloom and you will have the stamina to work hard day and nights. The fire inside you will be burning, baby. And there are steamy nights ahead in both the bedroom and the office. Venus will be opposing dark Pluto though, so be extremely careful not to be consumed by your passions or become obsessed with a lover.



Warrior planet Mars is turning direct in Scorpio, your fourth house of home and family. Mars in this area of the chart always brings drama into the home front. While Mars was retrograde, a whole lot of passive aggressive arguments with family and siblings might have just popped up out of nowhere. Thankfully, we tend to forgive our family members, even if we are capable of saying the meanest things at times.

Luckily, you’re a Leo, so drama is part of your everyday life anyway, and nobody can handle it as good as you. On the positive side, Mars in the fourth house can make you impulsive about finally buying that property you wanted.

Impulsive Mars entered your 4th house of family and home, and so you might be criticizing everyone around you. Little arguments might blow up more than usual. Try to use your energy to maybe renovate your home, paint your walls, or rearrange your living room. Make it look fresh, you’ve got such great taste.



Have you been keeping your thoughts and complaints to yourself lately? Probably, as Mars retrograde is usually responsible for hidden anger. This week though, warrior planet Mars will be turning direct in your 3rd house of communication. You might be too honest and harsh with your words towards a work colleague. We know you mean well, but try to communicate that your criticism is coming from a place of love and care.

This will be a good time to initiate projects in your hood, since Mercury your ruler, is supporting the communication between groups and friends. But watch out for obsessive lovers who are trying to steal you away from your friends. Intense attraction can be flattering and interesting, but not always healthy.



The dark days are over, dear Libra. Organize your bills and see if there is anything you can cancel, like maybe some unnecessary diet app you pay a monthly fee for.

If you and your gang pitched a project, now is the time to sort out the finances. Be fair and plan ahead carefully, since Mars can make you hot headed sometimes. You might have spent more money than you actually planned to, due to Mars being in your second house of income. Even though career wise things are going pretty well and you feel like celebrating, try not to max out your credit card. 

Somebody from overseas might send you an offer to collaborate on a project. Who wouldn’t want to have you on board? You have such a great aesthetic, good taste, and are fabulous company to have around.


Warrior hot Mars will finally be turning direct in your sign! If you’ve been passive aggressive lately, this shall pass. You will be a charismatic volcano ready to erupt by the end of this week. Mars has been in sleep mode, so now it’s up to you to make those bold moves. Be courageous and go get all the things you’ve always wanted.

Love planet Venus is currently traveling through your exotic 9th house. It is very likely now that you will start a hot affair with a foreigner. But be careful with too much drinking and drugs, you wouldn’t want to be the one that loses control in the end, right? Pluto will also be joining this planetary feast making you more obsessive than usual, so don’t scare lovers off with too much intensity. Take it slow and you will never be forgotten. 



A lot of passive aggressive energy has been stirred up lately, like a little tornado inside of you since Mars has been retrograding in your 12th house of the unconscious. The thing is, you didn’t quite know why, since the 12th house also holds the secrets you mostly even hide from yourself. I suggest you do some t’ai chi instead of Yoga to get that inner warrior out. Release those negative emotions inside of you. Open your heart chakra and let your energy flow.

Trying to sleep at night might be more difficult at the moment, since nightmares could haunt you now. Try to encode the messages, even if they scare you. In order to grow, we need to face our fears and conquer them.

If there are troubles re-emerging from your past, now would be a good time to deal with them. If you want to stop drinking or indulging in drugs, or if you feel like your lifestyle has been unhealthy and unproductive, you’ll finally feel as though you have the power to overcome your struggles and free yourself from all the toxins. Get spiritual.



Powerful and gutsy Mars finally turns direct in your 11th house of social media, global community, and personal dreams. You will be able to really influence your followers and get even more souls wanting to join your movement. While Mars was retrograde, you had time to think about a strategy. Now is the time to go full speed ahead and get whatever your heart has been desiring.

The 11th house, also known as the house of collaborations and tech, will team you up with like minded individuals. You will have the energy and drive to launch your newest inventions or ideas.

Love planet Venus, currently in your relationship house, will be opposing Pluto, the planet of rebirth and transformation. It could be that you changed so much and evolved in a way that you completely outgrew your partner, without even realizing it was happening.

Don’t be sad, you are sexier than ever with the powerful, magnetic energy of Pluto in your sign. You are only becoming better and more real. You could actually be meeting somebody new since there are a  bunch of planets currently transiting Cancer, your partner sign.



Ready, set, go! Finally, you are back in the game. Mars is turning direct in your 10th house of career and reputation. You can officially go full speed into career mode. Coworkers might experience your more competitive side, but don’t worry, sometimes you just need to show your peers who the boss really is.

Even though it’s going to feel like a race at work, plenty of opportunities will be given to you. It’s time to turn your dreams into reality, dear Aquarius. Ask for that promotion!

You might have had some ups and downs with your finances lately. Make sure to keep some savings for emergency situations. A savings account will make you feel safe and secure. What’s better than that?



You may be packing your bags more often than once this year, since Mars will be turning direct in your 9th house of travel and the higher mind. You might try to look for answers through astrology or some guru now. Just be careful not to idolize a wannabe spiritual leader. Say goodbye to old beliefs or people that don’t serve you anymore.

Chiron, the asteroid known as the wounded healer, is turning retrograde in your 1st house of self. Your already highly sensitive sign might discover a few deeper weaknesses. The key to healing is to accept vulnerability as a precious gift, one that makes us human.

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