Weekly Horoscopes: June 13–19, 2016

Welcome to Galore horoscopes, where we’ll advise you on whether to expect drama, chill vibes, hot sex, or all of the above over the coming week.

Peep your sign’s seven-day forecast, starting Monday and ending the following Sunday, below. Pro tip: instead of your sun sign, make sure to read your rising sign as it’s far more accurate.


From wild to mellow. Tender Venus moves into care taking Cancer your fourth house of home and family. This week you want to stay at home with your folks and be all lovey dovey. Instead of hitting up the party scene you prefer to chill at home or maybe a not too crowded park or if you get the chance, somewhere in nature would be loveliest to enjoy more quiet & quality time with close peers.

Alert: Neptune the escapist planet will be retrograding this week in your 12th house of the unconscious, stirring up little nebulas of unresolved and most likely repressed issues. Neptune will be retrograding until mid November this year, so I highly suggest you get into yoga and meditation asap! Twelfth house issues can be tricky since we tend to hide our problems from ourselves, but Neptune, king of the sea, will give you that push to dive deep into the ocean and uncover your precious treasures.

Go back to school or not? Are you benefiting or would a journey around the world be more educating? Your unconscious is making you doubt. Saturn in your ninth house of higher education and travel is squaring Neptune in your hidden twelfth house. You got a whole lot of rethinking to do since Saturn and Neptune are both in retrograde motion.



Just like honey! This is your time for sweet communication & neighborhood romancing. Hit the local bars and explore your hood. You never know, that sizzling girl/boy next door might happen to be out and about and ready to enjoy a cool beer with you.

Mingle your Pringle and start writing on that script you’ve been putting aside. Or hey, maybe it’s time develop a brand-new skill this week!

Give Venus a chance to brighten up this third house of yours.

This is also an opportune moment for bonding with your siblings and relatives, you are likely to receive good news from them.

But beware! Neptune is retrograding in your 11th House, which calls for cautiousness. Maybe avoid getting too drunk with friends, since this could stir up some (unwanted) taboo topics or stories and turn situations uncomfortable or even ugly. There is a reason they call Neptune the planet of illusion. Don’t underestimate its mystical pulls and forces.

Saturn retrograde in your 8th House forming harsh aspects to Neptune retrograde in your 11th might mean that you won’t see back that money you lend your friend or that return you were expecting might fall through and vice versa. Shit happens!


Honey bunny planet Venus moves into Cancer, your 2nd house of money and income, this week. You might want to spend your cash on beautiful things or you would want to indulge in delicious food and wine and invite your loved ones to show them how much you care. You just feel very generous at the moment, especially since you have been receiving so much birthday love.

Uncertain Neptune turns retrograde in your 10th house of career where it has been transiting for quite some time now. Illusions but also magical news about careers can come your way now. You might get an overseas offer to work. You are not quite sure what is best, since Neptune adds fog to wherever it is transiting in the chart, which is actually very inspiring when doing art or creative stuff.

Retrograde Saturn, which has been giving you lessons about relationships in your 7th house, will be forming a tense aspect to foggy Neptune in your 10th house, meaning there will be some tension between career and relationships. Career overseas is complicating your relationships and vice versa. It could be that you are in love with somebody, most likely a foreigner who resides somewhere else. Do you follow your heart, your lust or your career?



Excellent news, dear Cancer! Venus the planet of love, harmony and good looks moves into your sign this week! Get ready to turn some heads. It is a prime time to get a new haircut, change your style in general, go shopping, do a facial, mani- pedi … and much more. Pamper yourself! And make sure to try out those fresh summer colors.

With mystic Neptune retrograding in your 9th house of education and higher consciousness. You might go back studying, maybe even an overseas education offer could be coming your way. This is a very spiritual journey of Neptune. You might dive into eastern exotic knowledge, or at lest take a big trip this summer.

News in the love department: It could very, very likely be that a foreign or exotic lover comes back into your life – remember this hot stranger you met once upon a time but who lived far a way? Well, it’s time to reignite that fire.

Careful, though, with illusions and imagining too much, Neptune can make us mad. Simply live for the moment and don’t plan ahead too much romantically.

Strict retrograde Saturn in your 6th house of health and routine is squaring sensitive Neptune in your 9th house of the higher mind, travel and education. If in school and working at the same time or if you are trying to work and go to the gym, you might have difficulty planning your routines. There is just so much going on. Take care of your health, you don’t want  to get sick when it is almost your birthday.




Pleasure seeking Venus moves into your 12th House of the unconscious. Careful with alcoholic drinks, drugs etc. You may overindulge and get totally lost, but don’t get me wrong it is an amazing period to get lost creatively. Let your creative juices flow. You feel like withdrawing from the public eye even though you are such a social person and have no issues being in the spotlight. It could also happen to be a highly sensual and intimate time with a secret lover.

Escapist planet Neptune is turning retrograde in your 8th House. You no longer want to ignore things like debts. Neptune will be retrograde until mid November, so you’ll have some time to iron everything out.

Saturn retrograde, which has been slowing down your festivities a little in your 5th house of romance creativity and pleasure will be making a tense aspect to Neptune retrograding in your 8th house. Pleasure versus other peoples money. You might have overdone it a tiny bit. Slow down, and remember not to only spend money in the sake of pleasure.



You are so popular! All work no play won’t be your motto this week, busy bee! Venus moves into your 11th house of friendships and dreams and it is finally time to socialize! Hit up them friends and be active on your social media platforms. Venusian blessings are gracing your posts and dreams, lets get lucky instead of letting this lovely energy go to waste!

With visionary Neptune turning retrograde in your 7th House of Partnerships, Neptunian types, meaning musical or artsy virtuosos, could resurface from your past.

Strict Saturn still retrograde in your 4th house of home and family is squaring idealistic retrograde Neptune in your 7th house of relationships. This transit brings tension, since family obligations or your living/home situation might be interfering with your love and social life and vice versa. You are being forced to choose between the two which is never easy.



Moving on up Libra! Your ruler charming Venus moves into your 10th house of worldly efforts and success! It’s a lovely week to boost your career! You could get promoted now! Your reputation this week is sexy and powerful.

Neptune the planet of confusion, is turning retrograde in your 6th house of work and daily habits. You have been trying different diets and routines, but tended to get lost in them. Now you are going to go back into it and  no longer are going to ignore bad habits.

If you are traveling somewhere, make sure you have got travel insurance since there could be some issues regarding transport.




You might meet a sexy foreigner now, thanks to love planet Venus moving into your exotic 9th house. It is not said often enough how skilled Scorpios actually are with foreign languages. That is why you are really good at impressing people from different parts of the world, since you know how to flirt in different languages. Sexy.

Mysterious Neptune is going retrograde in your 5th house of true love, romance and creativity. A lover you thought as only a one night fling, which you had such an amazing connection with, might come back into your life now. The one that got away is returning. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, meaning it can’t get more electrifying than this.

Saturn the planet of discipline which is currently retrograding in your 2nd House of money and income is making a hard aspect to dreamy Neptune retrograding in your pleasure seeking 5th house. Partying too hard may put some tension on your finances. Take it slow. Don’t overindulge in drinks and drugs, it might hurt your account balance quite a lot.



Goddess of love, Venus moves into your erotic 8th house this week. There are sexy times ahead. This is my favorite placement for Venus to be in. So hot. Seductive mysteriousness mixed with your adventurous soul… who can resist?

Neptune, the planet of escapism is retrograding in your 4th house. It could be that you are thinking to relocate and start a life in another country.

Karmic Saturn retrograde in your 1st house of identity forming harsh aspects to intangible Neptune retrograde in your 4th of family and home might bring up some family issues from the past, that are hurting your ego and heart. Even if you are not really speaking with your family right now, they might be trying to reach out to you and vice versa. Try to forgive and make peace.




You are such a smooth operator this week, thanks to lovely Venus moving into your 7th house of relationships and other people. Harmony is on a high now and if single you could be meeting somebody new and very charming. Venus traveling through that area of your chart also makes you much more diplomatic. So if there is any issue you want to talk to somebody about, now is the best time for it since you are so smooth and wise with your communication.

Neptune retrograde in  your 3rd house of communication is making you much more sensitive when you talk to other people. It’s a time when your brain gathers bohemian ideas one of the most creative astrological periods a sign can have!

Your ruler Saturn which is still retrograde in your 12th will be making harsh aspects to your Neptune which now also is retrograde. You might spit out some repressed issues or quite the opposite you feel so much but you are having speech issues. If you cannot spell it out, instead write about it.




Venus moves into your 6th house of work and daily habits. This week you can expect to flirt at work, have a beautiful health glow and shine bright like the sun. Co-workers could turn into lovers now! There might be some flirting and romanticizing at work. It’s more like convenience is motivating you to flirt and go for it. If you’re currently in a relationship, you will really want to be of service to your lover. You will want to pamper and simply care for them thanks to loving Venus in Cancer. Lucky them.

Delusional Neptune has been in your 2nd House of finances for a while now. Money has been coming and going. It’s not that you terribly suffered, but it  has not been the most stable situation you have been. Thanks to retrograde though, you are finally going to revise your situation and be more careful about spending. You are a sign that is simply more detached from money, which actually is a good thing, but life is life and you know that cash rules everything around you.



You will be attracting people who are fun loving and are looking to have a good time, thanks to pleasure seeking Venus moving into your fun loving 5th house. It looks like you’ll be partying a lot and won’t really have time for boring duties.

Your Ruler, mystic Neptune, is turning retrograde. You will be mainly working on your image. You might change your look completely. With Neptune on the tip of your chart you have a certain mysteriousness to you. People are enchanted by you, there is a certain kind of magic which drives people crazy. Marilyn Monroe was born with Neptune in her first house, it can be so entrancing but also very dangerous. Neptune being the higher octave of Venus makes people fall hard for you. Lovers are just enchanted with you, even though they can’t figure you out.


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