WEEKLY HOROSCOPES: July 11 – 17, 2016

Welcome to Galore horoscopes, where we’ll advise you on whether to expect drama, chill vibes, hot sex, or all of the above over the coming week.

Peep your sign’s seven-day forecast, starting Monday and ending the following Sunday, below. Pro tip: instead of your sun sign, make sure to read your rising sign as it’s far more accurate.


If you’ve been spending way too much time with your family and you feel like you need to get laid soon, don’t worry. This is the week. Temperatures are rising. On Tuesday love planet Venus moves into luscious Leo, your 5th house of pleasure, sex and fun. Leo being a fire sign will fuel your flames. You will be in your hot element. Pure fire. Plus carnal Mars, your ruler, is still in sizzling Scorpio firing up your 8th house of transcendent deep sexual unions. Sexy. Burn baby burn.




From wild to mellow. Peace and love planet Venus, your ruler, moves into loving Leo, your fourth house of home and family. This week you might want to stay at home with your folks and be all lovey dovey. Instead of hitting up the party scene you prefer to chill at home or maybe a not too crowded park or if you get the chance, somewhere in nature would be loveliest to enjoy more quiet & quality time with close peers. It is also a favorable time to change up your palace. Your home is your sacred chill zone, but maybe try to do some thrift shopping to find more special items to add to your home.

Don’t forget that feisty Mars is still in Scorpio, your 7th house of partnerships. Sexy storms with lovers might  be going on at in your home zone.   



If you have feelings for somebody, now would be the time to tell them. Open up your heart and be honest. Don’t bury those feelings. What do you have to lose? The planets are in your favor, dear Gemini. You are a social butterfly, so whatever happens, you meet so many people anyway all the time. Who knows, maybe your prince or princess charming is going to be hanging out in that new neighborhood spot?

It is not only a favorable time for romantic outings, if you’re a writer you should get that extra  creative boost, because when planets enter Leo the poet in you comes out. Venus brings beauty to whatever it touches and Mercury brings wit. Post a blog. You could become very popular and get a lot of exposure on any kind of media platform now. Have you ever dreamed about becoming a YouTube celebrity? The stars are in perfect alignment for you to become famous. Do it baby, just do it!


You might overspend and overindulge this week,  but sometimes we need to live life to the fullest and not worry about tomorrow. With these vibrant planetary energies, you could come up with a genius idea on how to make money. Venus and Mercury are both entering Leo, your creative second house of income.

Have you realized that you tend to actually succeed if you work in the arts? You actually know how to earn some moolah through those creativity related areas, but you always tend to have security issues and that is why you sometimes don’t use your full potential. You get scared… but, I am telling you: Don’t be scared, you got it! It’s written in the stars, so go for it! Maybe you can start a side gig as a DJ? As a water sign you can feel into the room and decide what tunes can soothe our souls and shake da booty. Think about it.



You’re a superstar, that is what your are. It’s not even your birthday yet, but love goddess Venus and genius communicator Mercury have already moved in to your sign, baby! Venus is the planet of love, harmony and good looks, what an excellent week for you! Get ready to turn some heads. It is a prime time to get a new haircut, change your style in general, go shopping, do a facial, glitter mani- pedi… and much more. Pamper yourself! Go blonder! Get those golden temporary tattoos and cover your body. This week is bling week. Big pimpin, Leo.



Pleasure seeking Venus moves into your 12th house of the unconscious. Careful with alcoholic drinks, drugs etc. You may overindulge and get totally lost, but don’t get me wrong it is an amazing period to get lost creatively. Let your creative juices flow. You feel like withdrawing from the public eye for a while. It could also happen to be a highly sensual and intimate time with a secret lover. This is an overall shyer period for you, but since you are having such a mysterious aura at the moment, if you end up at an event, somebody will chat you up and try to lift your secrets.

One word of caution: Be careful to not to drift away if you have a Piscean/Neptunian lover. You’ve been warned.



You are so popular! It’s a big socializing for you baby! All work no play won’t be your motto this week, busy bee! Pleasure planet Venus, your ruler and communicator Mercury move into Leo,  your 11th house of friendships and dreams and it is finally time to socialize! Hit up them friends and be active on your social media platforms. Venusian blessings are gracing your posts and dreams, let’s get lucky instead of letting this lovely energy go to waste!

When planets enter bold Leo, we tend to become much more confident. You are going to be chatting to everybody and you might actually meet VIPs this week. Be out and about and I promise you, you will make plenty of new friends and relationships.



Moving on up Scorpio! Your career is about to erupt like a volcano. Charming Venus and genius Mercury move into majestic Leo, your 10th house of worldly efforts and success, making your life a whole lot sweeter! It’s a lovely week to boost your career! You could get promoted now! Your reputation this week is sexy and powerful.

Your secret to success simply is to obsess over something and that is the way you achieve it. You don’t let go until you get what you want/desire.

Be proud of your achievements, but watch out not to become too arrogant, which can easily happen when the planets are in dramatic Leo.


You might meet a sexy foreigner now, thanks to love planet Venus and communicator Mercury moving into grand Leo your exotic 9th house of the higher mind, which traditionally is the house of Sagittarius. Your house, your rules, baby.  You are already pretty good at foreign languages, but if there is a language you always wanted to learn now you would have the best planetary support to do so. Flirting in different languages is always a useful tool, especially for you, having such a high interest in different cultures already. Looks like you’ll be having a hot summer romance, maybe more.



This week Capricorns are going to be extra sexual. Sexy time Venus and flirty Mercury are entering volcanic Leo, your secretive 8th house of deep intimacy and sex. People tend to say Capricorns are conservative, which is not true, they are simply good at controlling themselves, especially in public. Once you take them to the bedroom, though, it all changes.

The curtain falls, they unleash their inner dragon. Capricorn is one of the horniest signs and they can go on for hours. Sexual legend Marvin Gaye had his Mars (the planet associated with our sex drive) in Capricorn. Most of Marvin Gaye’s songs have this earthy carnal energy. The way he performed was very Mars in Capricorn.

With the dramatic Leo planets anything can happen this week, from role play to sex games.

The 8th house also rules other people’s money. Good news: You might receive back some money that people have been owing you.


You have such a romantic week ahead. Thanks to foxy Venus and flirtatious Mercury moving into your opposite sign Leo, which rules your 7th house of relationships and other people, you will be quite  the smooth operator. Harmony is on a high now and if single you could be meeting somebody new and very charming. Don’t worry, go bold. Love goddess Venus traveling through that area of your chart  makes you much more diplomatic. Watch out though, sometimes we are in love with love and it will be hard to distinguish love and sex under those Leonic planetary transits.

Also if there is any issue you want to talk to somebody about, you are really good at convincing now with pure charm and wit. When planets enter Leo we or our partners tend to act more theatrical. If you are feeling a little jealous, tell your partner, and he/she will feel much more desired.



You tend to overdo and overindulge sometimes, which is due to your 6th house of health and routine being ruled by Leo, meaning you fully live for the pleasures of life. If you smoke you like to smoke a lot, if you drink you like to drink a lot. If you eat something delicious you don’t understand why you have to stop right there when it’s so yummy, why can’t we have everything as much as we want forever? Why oh why???

Anyway with peacemaker planet Venus and clever Mercury moving into your house of health and routines, you will actually have better relationships with your co-workers, improve your health and routines and feel like you are doing the right things at the right time. Nice

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