WEEKLY HOROSCOPES: Dec. 12 – 18, 2016

Welcome to Galore horoscopes, where we’ll advise you on whether to expect drama, chill vibes, hot sex, or all of the above over the coming week.

Peep your sign’s seven-day forecast, starting Monday and ending the following Sunday, below. Pro tip: instead of your sun sign, make sure to read your rising sign as it’s far more accurate.



This week a marvelous full moon in Gemini will be illuminating your 3rd house of communication and media. A website or blog you’ve been working could get major recognition now. It could also happen that you take a fun weekend trip. Venus and Mars are still booming your social sector. Ask your friends if anybody is up for a little adventure before Christmas.




On Tuesday a full moon in Gemini marks a financial highlight for. The moon will illuminate your 2nd house of money and income. You could be kick-starting a successful financial plan for the future or maybe you find a new money making source. Full moons can also create endings. Don’t be upset if you are forced to let go of one of your belongings.




This week’s full moon in your sign marks a highpoint of 2016 for you! A personal project or a relationship is reaching its boiling point. Think back and see how far you have come. It’s time to celebrate all of your year’s accomplishments, Gemini! Get wasted before New Year’s, you deserve it!



This week is important to release all negativity from 2016. You are a water sign, which means you absorb energies like a sponge — positive and negative. On Tuesday a full moon in Gemini, your 12th house of the unconscious will help you to say goodbye to what isn’t serving you anymore. This way you will be ready to start 2017 on a powerful positive note.




On Tuesday a potent full moon in Gemini will be hitting your 11th house of friends and dreams. A dream dear to you could come true now. Alternatively, you could loose one of your friends. Don’t be sad, what will be will be. Mars and Venus are still in your partnership sector. If single, it is highly likely that you could meet somebody now. Make sure to leave the house.




This week is all about reaching new heights in the career department. A full moon in Gemini illuminates your 10th house of reputation and professional success. A project you have been working on or a job change could be on the cards. It’s been a hectic year, go celebrate your victories.




Are you graduating or returning from a world trip? You have definitely reevaluated your beliefs this year. A full moon in Gemini, your exotic 9th house of higher learning and spirituality marks a new height of consciousness for you. Make sure to catch up with family members and friends.




What a hot week for you, Scorpio. It’s time to get festive, if possible with a partner. A full moon in kinky Gemini is firing up your 8th house of deep sexuality and intimacies. This is a very intense Moon for you, but are a sign that likes intensity, so no worries. Tuesday could be one of your most sexually rewarding days of 2016.




Break up or make up? This week’s full moon in Gemini your opposite sign will be highlighting your 7th house of relationships and other people. Full moons are intense. A relationship might be coming to an end. You are a free spirit and if you feel trapped you won’t feel alive. Alternatively, a full moon can make everything more serious including your relationships, which means you guys could be taking it a step further and strengthening your bond.




At this week’s full Moon in Gemini, your 6th house of health and routine you might decide to end a bad habit. It could be smoking, drinking or junk food. Capricorns are hardcore. If they decide to do something, they stick to their goal until the bitter end. You have full lunar support to go hit the gym so you can feel real good when reuniting with your folks for Christmas.




Aquarius go find that mistletoe. Anything could happen this week from wild to crazy to serious. A full moon in Gemini will fire up your 5th house of fun, true love, and creativity. You probably are adding some final touches to your creative masterwork. A person who you are currently seeing is giving you more than just butterflies. Are you guys ready to take the next step or could this be the end? Whatever happens, sexy Mars and love planet Venus are still in your sign, making you more desirable than ever.



This week focuses on your domestic situation, dear Pisces. A full moon in Gemini your 4th house of home and family will center your attention on an issue related to your living situation. Maybe a roommate is moving out or you feel like it is time to update your residence. Alternatively, a family matter could be solved now.

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