WEEKLY HOROSCOPES: Aug. 15-21, 2016

Welcome to Galore horoscopes, where we’ll advise you on whether to expect drama, chill vibes, hot sex, or all of the above over the coming week.

Peep your sign’s seven-day forecast, starting Monday and ending the following Sunday, below. Pro tip: instead of your sun sign, make sure to read your rising sign as it’s far more accurate.


Rebel, Rebel! This week’s, powerful full moon in rebellious Aquarius falls into your 11th House of friendships, acquaintances and groups.

Maybe you have reinvented yourself completely and broken all the rules. It was no senseless rebelling, though. There was a significant goal you were trying to reach through your actions.

Ask yourself what is coming to culmination now during this full moon which falls into your 11th house of friends, societies and groups.

Maybe you finally recognized that you can no longer be part of a certain group or club anymore. You want more! You felt stuck and you can no longer take it. The past six months you might have been reevaluating who your real amigos are.

As much as people refuse to believe it, the people you hang out with do have an impact and influence on our choices.

It’s time to hang out with that amazing crew, that reflects who you want to be and who will support you to become the best version of yourself that you can be.



You may have finally or about to reach an important step towards your career.

You probably have been working pretty hard this year and it is very likely now that a reward will be coming your way, especially one related to your career. You are ready to take on the next chapter. This is the climax.

Better yet, if you happen to be somebody who works in the creative field, now is a highly productive time, your creative juices are flowing non stop, since there are 3 heavenly bodies transiting through your creative house currently!  You could be fabricating your masterpiece.

I mean Tauruses are born creatives and have an exceptional eye for beauty, no wonder there are so many talented artists who are born under the sign of the bull.

The innovative full moon in Aquarius, your 10th House of career and status, will adjust your reputation the way it should be.



This week’s full moon in freedom fighter Aquarius will be illuminating your 9th house of education and the higher mind.

Have you changed your beliefs of what is wrong and right? You might have really thought about many things, as your deepest beliefs and philosophies were up for questioning. You are a mental sign and Mercury-ruled. Of course you think a whole lot, if not more than others.

Maybe you tapped into a different religion or mysticism and are ready to take on a new approach to your beliefs. Maybe you even made a decision to stop eating animal products? Either way, you are about to take a step further to become more spiritual and connected to mother earth. How about celebrating the new you with a full moon meditation ritual. You might experience a spiritual epiphany.


The 8th astrological house is a very intimate house and most people won’t notice our changes, only people who we have a deep bond with and who really know us, which in life are not that many people, who take that special place.

This is actually also an erotically charged moon for you. If you have a partner, this week could be highly sexually rewarding. The moon is your ruling planet, and when there is a full moon that falls into your 8th house of deep sexuality, imagine only what a sensual energy you’ll be radiating.

Keep an eye on your economic picture, though, since one of your money sources might come to an end now. This is in no way negative — maybe you finally become independent from your parents or a partner. It could play out many ways. All in all, it will be a very emotional, but a passionate and pleasure filled week. Deeper inner transformations shall manifest now.



“No matter what they take from me, they can’t take away my dignity “ –  this is so Leo, lol – and that is why fellow Leo queen Whitney Houston has sung it.

Leos are proud and you won’t let people and partners take away your dignity from you, just because of the end of a relationship.  You’re the king and this week it is still your birthday month. The greatest love is inside of you and it’s happening to you. When there is a full Moon in opposite sign Aquarius, which rules your 7th house of partnerships, there can be endings.

So even if there is a breakup – you stay strong. You feel sorry for whoever has lost the best lover they have ever had, you!

On the other hand, where there is end inevitably there is a beginning, meaning that you and your partner could start a new chapter, like either through moving in together or making your bond more official, maybe trough an engagement? Awww <3

The sun, your ruling planet, is still shining brightly over your sign, so enjoy the last bday celebrations and prezzies, before the sun moves into emotional Cancer.


Venus is the planet of love, Mercury is your ruling planet and brain booster and Jupiter is the luckiest mofo of all. Guess what Virgo? All these heavenly bodies are still dancing in your sign and on top of that next week the sun will be moving into Virgo as well, kicking off your bday month. Your mojo is on a high and if you are still single, now could be the time you meet Mr. Right.

Pat yourself on the back, this week marks a culmination of your routines. Did you start a new health routine approximately six months ago? Maybe you decided to radically change your diet or to quit unhealthy habits. Full moons bring fruitions. This full moon in Aquarius will be taking place in your 6th house of health, routine and daily work. I am sure you feel excellent at the moment and are happy about your changes in life in general. Be proud, Virgo, you have come far.



A creative masterpiece of yours might be in its final stages now. With your exquisite taste people will be very curious of your makings. Maybe in the past months, you have approached a new way to creativity and romance and may have increased your knowledge, plus improved your talents.

There is still a cluster of planets in your 12th house of the unconscious, so you feel like hiding from the world a little.

This is okay, because you have to prepare for real for the best time of your life once Jupiter the luckiest planet moves into your sign, to stay for a whole year. Whatever you release now will be getting a lot of publicity slowly and your life will be booming soon.

The same goes for romance <3 this full moon is just a little teaser of your amazing new life. If there are any liaisons with lovers ending now be happy, because they are only slowing you down of reaching your true potential and superstar status. Thank you full moon.



The past six months might have brought ideas into your head to changes related to your residency, or career. Your mother might have made an important decision or maybe you are moving out. With the full moon in Aquarius, your 4th house of home and family, this is the pinnacle of this cycle. Things should quiet down after the powerful full moon starts to wane.

Whatever happens full moons bring endings, meaning you are closing a chapter of your life and starting a new. You are a deeply emotional being and a certain situation with your family might have been impacting your health. You might not always show how you feel, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t feel. If people only knew what an extreme emotional depth you possess and that you do care a lot.

You might be receiving a whole lot of support from your friends and people in general, since there are 3 positive planets, including Venus and Jupiter transiting through your 11th house of friends and acquaintances.

Spread the love.


For you this week’s full moon in funky Aquarius will put you much more into a dancing in the moonlight mood. A sociable and fun energy takes over you and is enhanced through the lunar power. You’re so in the zone right now. Saturn planet of karma and Mars da beast are fueling your fire. They are finally both in direct motion. You are this week’s warrior of the zodiac.

Nothing can stop you now. When a full moon falls into your 3rd house of communications, neighborhood and publishing, it is very likely you may receive big news, maybe through publications in the media? This year you achieved a whole lot and rewards will be coming your way now! Congrats baby!


When the full moon hits your 2nd house of finances and possessions, you could have some crisis with money. Crisis is not always a bad word, sometimes we just got to change and in order for change there has to be some kind of crisis that pushes us to take the necessary steps.  It could happen that you have to quit a job to start a better one, since the money you were receiving wasn’t enough. Don’t worry, once the moon starts waning, go buy yourself something nice. You deserve it.

The karmic lesson of this full moon is to let go of greed. At this Aquarius full moon anything can happen, really. Uranus the ruler of Aquarius is the planet of surprise. 2nd house matters are money matters. It could happen, that you are finally receiving some profits of an investment you made a while ago. You are patient. Capricorns are slow and steady and that is why in the end they’ll always securely reach their goals. It’s time to fill your wallet. The winner takes it all. Warning: do not indulge in unnecessary expenses, even though it’s hard, when you are in vacation mode.



This week’s trend is to be yourself and celebrate your individualism. Get your freak on.

The time is ripe to close a chapter of yourself and start a new.

Is there a long haul project that you are about to finish? Full moons bring endings. And where there is an ending there is a new beginning. This is definitely a week of accomplishments.  You have been very working hard on your image. Aquarius is the sign of the futuristic genius. You possess boundless creativity and are able to think outside the box. The Full Moon in your personal sign will be so intense and compelling that you’ll find yourself easily transformed and elevated to a state of pure joy. Congrats! Keep on going!


Your 12th house of the hidden, unconscious issues, deep secrets and vulnerabilities is receiving healing moonlight from the full moon. Anything that you haven’t been dealing with and what has simply been pushed into your unconscious might be solved now during this full moon in ground breaking Aquarius.

It could very likely also be something related to your finances, since the planet associated with the full moon in Aquarius is rebellious Uranus, which is currently transiting through your second house of income and possessions.

Still, your love life has been pretty sweet recently and who doesn’t like to experience a summer of love. With so many lucky planets currently in your 7th house of other people and relationships, you have been attracting wonderful people and so much love into your life. You truly deserve it since you are the most humanitarian sign of the zodiac and when you love you love unconditionally. Life is sweeter in the 7th heaven.

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