Weekly Horoscopes: April 25 to May 1, 2016

Welcome to Galore horoscopes, where we’ll advise you on whether to expect drama, chill vibes, hot sex, or all of the above over the coming week.

Peep your sign’s seven-day forecast, starting Monday and ending the following Sunday, below. Pro tip: instead of your sun sign, make sure to read your rising sign as it’s far more accurate.



Are you holding on to something that you shouldn’t? With pleasure-yearning Venus in your second house of finances, you will want to go shopping and indulge. I feel you, Aries, but the Planets want you to wait. Especially trickster Mercury, because it’s in retrograde motion, duh. Avoid new purchases. Is it really worth it? Make sure to keep all the receipts if you do buy something, because you might have to exchange it later.

Venus combined with Mercury retrograde could bring you pleasant surprises related to money. In the past, you might have invested funds and are now finally getting the rewards. Sweet. With last’s week intense Scorpio full moon in your eighth house of shared resources this might just be what you need right now, to be more independent. During this erotically charged moon you probably had a very sexy time with your significant other.



The transformative Scorpio full moon last week in your relationship sector might have ended things between you and somebody. There’s no better time than now to start fresh. It’s still your birthday month and an excellent time to work on your personality. With Venus, the planet of attraction in your first house of self, you feel like you want to improve your looks. I would say go for that new haircut, but since trickster planet Mercury is turning retrograde  I strongly advise you not to change your look. Wait until Mercury turns direct and don’t worry, bewitching Venus is boosting  your aura and you are more charming than ever. You will be like an attraction magnet. You might also be much more flirtatious than usual. Holy moly. With Mercury, the planet of the mind, in retrograde motion, it would be good time to reevaluate fixed thoughts and ideas. Be open to new theories and watch out for signs and synchronicity.



With agile Mercury, your ruling Planet, turning retrograde in your 12th house of the unconscious, secret and hidden things may come to light. You might be less talkative and quiet during this transit. Remember silence is golden. I suggest you keep a diary of your dreams. You could encounter messages from your deep unconscious. Analyze your dreamer notes and try to lift the secret. It is very likely that you could achieve closure now, with issues that were haunting you and your fabulous crazy mind. Rethink some situations from the past, did it really happen the way you remember it or are you exaggerating?

With so many planets retrograde at the same time, there is a high chance that you’ll bump into past lovers. This way, maybe you’re going to reach closure. You might bump into that someone, you thought you never really got over and realize that you are so over them. You’ll probably wonder, what attracted you in the first place. Or it could go this way. Dangerously in love? You could be reinitiating a secret affair with somebody from the past or someone may confess their love for you, which you might never have guessed. What a fascinating week for you, Gemini.

(R.I.P. Gemini Legend, Prince)



This week, there will be a lot going on in your social life. Messenger planet Mercury turns retrograde in your 11th house of friends and acquaintances, which means you’ll be catching up with old friends or people you haven’t seen for a while. It is also a crucial time to reevaluate your your folks and see who are your real amigos.

There could be a lot of gossip in the air, don’t be afraid end friendships now. I know you are naturally very attached but sometimes you have to make that cut. What comes around goes around. The 11th house is also associated with the house of dreams. Rethink and research the steps you have to take to make your wildest dreams a reality. Even though you feel like things are slowing down now, which has to do with so many planets being retrograde. Never give up on your dreams. Trust yourself → options are endless. But most importantly, make a choice to be happy. With friendly Venus in the mix you’ll be able to meet new souls that inspire you.



If there is a job you didn’t get, now would be the best time to ask for a second chance. Witty Mercury in retrograde motion in your 10th house of career helps you to reboot. If you started a project or business sometime ago and want to get back at it, the energy of clever Mercury will help you to finish and most importantly, improve it. With all these planetary focus in your 10th house of career you should rework your whole reputation. With charming Venus in the combo you can only become more delightful. Mercury retrograde helps us improve. What have you been neglecting? What has been blocking your path to career? Think, Leo! Take time before taking a career move decision. Don’t act impulsively. As a matter of fact,  you might get rewarded by your boss through some work you have done in the past, but people were too busy to  acknowledge it. With lovely Venus in that sector of your chart, you might meet a love interest, while doing some career stuff. Yay.



Brainy Mercury, your ruling planet, is turning retrograde in your ninth house of the higher mind. This is a crucial time for you to rethink your beliefs. You are a very mental sign and your thoughts are super powerful. Now is the prime time to rewrite that blogpost. Reevaluate your ideas about what faith is to you. If you are traveling abroad, make sure you’ve got travel insurance. Mercury retrograde can be super annoying. Get to the airport on time or even earlier than usual. Flights may be delayed or even get cancelled. It could also be a time now where you reconsider going back to school. Maybe you look into preparing a summer intensive now? You are a happy learner. Look at the bigger picture and all the options you have. 

With sexy Venus in your exotic ninth house, you could meet a foreign hottie now. Exotic = Erotic.



With annoying Mercury retrograde in your eighth house of funds, there may be issues with insurances. Double check again what you are covered for. Also joint resources with your partner should be reassessed. It’s not the best time to invest. Don’t take out a loan. Sexually, the planets will really help you now, to have a smooth talk with your sweetie about what you like and what you don’t like in the bedroom. We can not always guess what our partner is into. Sharing your deep fantasies could improve your allover relationship. You’ll feel reborn and most importantly it’s a whole lot of fun. You and your partner can dive into the  subconscious of your relationship and renew those unspoken deals.

Even if you’re not aware of it, with titillating Venus in your 8th house of deep sexuality you are oozing sensuality. If you have a partner this transit is the sexpot jackpot. One on one, on and on.



This week, talkative Mercury turns retrograde in your seventh house of other people. Old relationship issues that were simply swept under the carpet could resurface now. You and your love are forced to talk it out, finally. Scorpios expect a lot from their other half. They expect you to sense if they are upset or unhappy. It’s not always that easy. Communicate verbally with your partner, so you guys know what is actually going on. The relationship can only benefit from it.I’m not saying it might be pleasant, at first, but thanks to peace maker Venus there won’t be any nasty talk. Plan for a sweet dinner a deux. 

Warning: Don’t get married during Mercury retrograde. Or if everything is planned already make sure to renew your vows when Mercury is direct again!

If single, alluring Venus + Mercury retrograde could be bringing back ex lovers and unfinished business. Hot. It’s a pretty social month for you for love and business . You should be attracting very beneficial people during this transit.



Flip back and review — get out of your rut. Trickster planet Mercury is turning retrograde in your sixth house of order and health. Rethink how you could improve your health habits but don’t necessarily start a diet, yet. Simply research and find out what is good for you. Could something you weren’t aware of be actually making you sick? At the workplace there might be some miscommunication. Sagittarians are known to have their foot in their mouth. Be careful with your word choice  and make sure you don’t upset a co-worker. Thankfully charming Venus is on your side, so even if you happen to be too blunt with somebody they’ll be very forgiving towards you.

With the Mercury Venus fusion in your sixth house you also become much more detail oriented. You might be rearranging your whole schedule, so you don’t waste any of your precious time. If single, you could start dating somebody from work or a person from your past might reenter your life and sparks could fly. This somebody might be a perfectionist. It could be somebody Virgo like, who likes to nag and nitpick. Don’t take it personally, usually that means, they want the best for you.


All eyes are on you, Capricorn. With hot Venus + clever Mercury in your playful fifth house you’ll be the most fun sign this week. Add your earthy sexy energy to that mix and you’ll be the megababe everybody wants to be around.

With master Mercury turning retrograde in your fifth house sector, creative projects should be rebooted. Don’t compare yourself to others. Was there a time you used to play an instrument, but you got so busy with work that you never played it again? Now would be the time to go back and play a little. Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s about the joy you experienced. Finish that creative project you once started.

If single, it is not the best time to begin a brand new love affair. An old flame could very likely reappear now. With playful Venus in your romantic sector it would be a wonderful time to go wild and let go, my dear Cappy. You are much more confident now and if single it seems like you won’t be single any longer.



Mental Mercury turning retrograde in your 4th house of home will focus your mind on ideas how you could rearrange your living situation. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are moving to a different place, though sometimes it could be the case that you move back to a lovely place you once called home, like for example the house of your parents.

You will really feel the urge to change your furniture around. Don’t buy anything new rather use what you have and redecorate. Go bonkers — change it all. It’s going to feel good and refreshing to you. Maybe look for some feng shui inspiration. Since we have four planets retrograde it could also mean that old family issues could return now.

Thankfully lovely Venus is  joining the mix which means a not so pretty family affair could be smoothed out now. Are you curious about genealogy ? Now would be an interesting time to see what you are made of. Otherwise it is going to be a pretty chillaxed week for you.



You know how everyone always says that Mercury retrograde fucks up your electronics? Well since this Mercury retrograde falls into Taurus the sign of your 3rd house cusp, which rules electronics and transport, I am sorry to say that you are going to be affected most by this transit. Make sure to backup all of your files and if you happen to have no screen protector for your iphone go get it NOW. Transport can also be affected. Make sure to get that travel insurance. Check appointment times. If you’re a writer triple check your spelling. If you’re writing a book stop and rethink. Maybe rewrite that whole chapter. It would be a super sweet time, though, to reconnect with your siblings.

Graceful Venus will be in your communication house, which means you’ll be charismatic and the smooth operator of the zodiac. Spend some time in your neighborhood. You could be bumping into that sexy stranger you were too shy to approach last time. With Venus, goddess of love in your communication sector it would be a superb time to write some poetry. Work your venusian magic.


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