We asked guys the top reasons why they ghost girls

I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I am convinced that I’m cursed with guys.

I’m not sure if it’s because I didn’t send that chain message seven years ago or someone put a voodoo curse on me, but I’ve had horrible luck. Guys always stop talking to me right after I tell my best friends, and sometimes even my mom. Like great, now they all know you’re a piece of shit, so I can’t sleep with you ever again or I’ll be that girl.

The hardest part of being ghosted is that you just want to know why. Am I doing something wrong? Am I  coming on too strong? I just want to know.

I turned to the fuckboys I knew to see what are some of the reasons that they ghost girls. Maybe it’ll help you figure out why that last douchebag suddenly stopped hitting you up – but it honestly shouldn’t matter you’re going to cut him out either way and not change yourself to please a dude – right?

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1. Because he lives for the ‘gram

“Ghosting seems to be a more common issue in today’s age, and that’s because casual sex is now seemingly more common, which to me has everything to do with being 21+,” said one dude. “The idea of getting drunk, doing drugs, staying out late and finding a new girl to please is what we’re told by society (Instagram) as a major goal of our roaring 20s. Science has been dominating this century as our younger generations age, which in time will only prove our inability to establish consistency with excuses such as ‘procreation is biology, monogamy isn’t.'”

True, but the whole “oh, humans weren’t made for monogamy” is a fuckboy line. Also does this dude think he’s the Plato of fuckboys or something? Chill.

2. Because you’re not on the same page

“A girl may think you’re into her more than you are. You just wanted casual and potentially repeatable sex.”

Happens both ways!

3. Because we all have different standards drunk

“You were drunk when you both met, and she looked much better then.”

This is a two way street buddy, you know how many times I’ve made out with a four and thought they were a 12 because I was drunk?

4. Because playing hard to get works!

“She requires too much work (i.e. constant entertaining via text/calls, asks to hang out every night). Some guys like a girl who’s aggressive, but the majority of us like the chase. Don’t give it up until the after party…”

Okay, it’s true that guys like a girl who plays hard to get, but a guy who’s not a piece of shit will def not judge you for fucking on the first date either. F this dude.

5. Because he somehow thinks real life is also Instagram?

“Instalove — the idea that you can get better than what you have access to. The wandering eye a.k.a the explore page.”

Okay, so date guys who only get one like on their Insta photos. They probably don’t know how to get to the explore page.

6. Because he hasn’t learned how to spot Facetune usage

“Her socials were hella misleading.”

We all have that one Tinder pic that is a better version of ourselves, it’s only human. This is bullshit.

7. Because he’s hung up on someone else

“Realistically, he just likes another girl more, whether it be an ex or another bae he’s been talking to for a little bit.”

This tends to be the top reason for being ghosted.

The number one thing to take away from this all is it really isn’t you, it’s men and the current dating culture. Looking at the reasons why – it’s based off of their own selfish reasons – and you’ve probably done the same things when ghosting a guy.

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