Watch Victoria Justice Lose It Over Ariana Grande Getting Compliments

Twitter does it again. It appears that Ariana Grande’s fans, a.k.a. Arianators, have unearthed an old interview with the cast of “Victorious” which is STEAMING with shade.

The show was Ariana’s big break, even though she wasn’t the main star. In the interview, which is from when “Victorious” was still on the air, you see Ariana’s costars Elizabeth Gillies and Daniella Monet talk about how much Ariana sings, and how gorgeous her voice is. Then Victoria Justice basically erupts, rolls her eyes and says, “I think we all sing and dance.”

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Oof. The audio in this video has been edited, so it gets really loud at the end, but watch below.

And then the plot thickens! This is a second interview that’s pretty similar to the first. When asked who of the cast was most likely to break out into song, almost every cast member of “Victorious” said it would be Ariana. Even Ariana says “me.”

That is, until they got to Victoria who, again, says it would be “an even tie.”

Ok, girlie.

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