Here’s a Video of Kris Jenner Getting Wine Drunk in the Middle of the Day

Even though Kris Jenner is a mom, she’s also a DGAF queen, which means that sometimes Kris does things like get drunk as fuck in the middle of the day when she’s filming the highly successful TV show she finessed for her family.

Which is great news for everybody because drunk Kris Jenner is hilarious, and also kind of embarrassing. 

In a new clip for Keeping up With the Kardashians, Kris goes on a vacation to Napa with Kourtney and Khloe, where she holes up in a winery even though her daughters want to leave seeing as they can’t drink that much red wine because they’re both on diets.

They claim it’s because they want to “explore Napa,” but let’s be real. Why else would any girl in her right mind turn down a free glass of wine, middle of the day or not?

After a brief stumble, Kris finally makes her way back to the car, where her daughters very lovingly greet her by saying, “the drunk is coming.”

In their defense, they’re in the middle of FaceTiming Khloe’s ex-boyfriend French Montana, so obviously they have a duty to him to narrate what’s going on with them, but still a simple, “Oh look, it’s our drunk mother” would have sufficed.  

Realizing who her daughters are talking to, Kris bellows, “Hello motherfucka,” to French, in addition to a full string of expletives that aren’t fit for basic television. 

Watch the whole thing below and say a little prayer that Kris Jenner isn’t your mother.

And then say another prayer to reinforce that you were just kidding about that because it would be kind of magical if she was. At least for your bank account.

[H/T E! News

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