Vinyl’s Susan Heyward Gets Into 70s Style

Susan Heyward is one of the breakout stars of HBO’s new show “Vinyl,” so we dressed this total babe up in the most 70s-inspired clothes Missguided has to offer, painted her face with Urban Decay’s “Vinyl” line, and asked her all about her inspiration from that era.

Read on to find out Susan’s favorite 70s musician, styles, and more.

Who’s your favorite 70s style icon?

Pam Grier. Her style was always glamorous whether it was a look inspired by tough city life or Hollywood glitz. Her sexy was (and still is!) capable, smart and tough.

70s trends are making a comeback, which one are you most excited about and why?

Bright colors! Patterns! Fun textures like knits and feather accessories. I also love the slender, long silhouettes. I’m short and athletic, so anything that makes my legs look longer is welcome. High waists and thick heels are my friends.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve gotten to wear on Vinyl and why?

The Missoni, rainbow dress that Cece wears to dinner with Ritchie, Devon and Hannibal! It was sweet and playful, and the length and weight was so fun to slink around in. Beyond that, the texture was to die for; it felt so good on my skin.

Do you like 70s style or did you have to get used to it for the show?

I’ve always loved 70’s style! The sense of adventure and color and fun has always appealed to me. There was no ‘getting used to it’ for the show, my attitude was more like ‘I have wanted something like this my entire creative life; bring it on!’ย  Mark Bridges (for the pilot), John Dunn and the costume team out did themselves!

Who’s your favorite singer or band from the “Vinyl” era?

My steady musical love affair would be Earth, Wind and Fire. Their music always makes me feel like the sun is shining and I got no worries. Lately though, I can’t stop listening to all these funk acts that I wasn’t familiar with. So, I have a new favorite every week these days.

Disco or rock?ย 

Rock, baby. Disco is fun, but I tend to get lost in the vibe. Rock has a way of building tension and releasing it that feels raw. The catharsis can be so satisfying. Addictive, even.

Bell bottoms or straight leg?ย 

Bell bottoms. The movement as you walk is its own drama

If you went on a date with a guy and he had 70s mutton chop sideburns what would you do?

You gotta stick around to see where that’s coming from. Is he retro, aware of history and fan of sensual pleasures? Or is he just out of touch? Style always has a story behind it. Gotta dig deeper on that one.

What do you do to get into the vibe of your character on “Vinyl”?

Haha, I got dressed. You put on those clothes, start playing on those sets and have the makeup and hair teams literally paint your face and another world emerges. We found this miracle orange/red lip gloss that would match everything; we would save it for last and after we applied it, we’d say, “And there’s Cece!” It was truly a collaborative experience.

If you could time travel back to the 70s and change one event, what would it be and why?

I would’ve kept the natural hair movement going. That relaxer/jheri curl period was so bad for black women’s health. I’m glad [natural hair is]ย back now, but if I could, I would’ve not let that narrative break down.

Photos by Amber Asaly

Wardrobe by Missguided

Makeup by Urban Decay x Vinyl

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