New Video Proves Once and For All Bradley Cooper Is Straight AF

Celebrities are dogged by lots of rumors, but for male celebs, rumblings about their sexuality are always in the air. As Samantha Jones once said, “Once the gay rumors start, you’re really a star.”

And Bradley Cooper is one celeb who’s been the subject of gay rumors for years despite the fact that we DGAF who he bangs because as studies have shown, we’re all a little gay.

But a new video that just surfaced proves once and for all that Bradley Cooper is as much of an exceedingly straight bro as his characters in “The Hangover” and “Chef” (which was super underrated btw!).

The video was taken at Glastonbury during a Fatboy Slim set — yes, Fatboy Slim — and it speaks volumes.

What’s going on in this clip? Well, Bradley Cooper is dancing. Completely off beat. In a backwards Philadelphia Eagles hat. With his arms flailing. While Fatboy Slim plays. Straight. A. F.

If you’re reading this, Brad, call me 😉

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