Stop what you’re doing and check out Vic Mensa’s “Autobiography”

Vic Mensa’s latest album has dropped and it’s a banger — a soulful banger! I mean, check out the album art above. There’s nothing deeper than a tatted up dude writing in a Moleskine, right?

“The Autobiography” is Vic’s first official studio album (after a smattering of mixtapes, features and singles) and he goes deep af. He raps about everything from his family to drug addiction to growing up on the South Side. And since he got sober last year, he says he’s got a completely new outlook on life and his music.

“It’s a human album,” Vic told Galore exclusively. “It explores my humanity, mainly, and I leave that to the listener to make parallels to themselves. When I say that the album is my blood, sweat, and tears, and everything I’ve learned up to this point, it’s just because it literally is.”

Just from the first few bars, it’s clear this is he kind of album worth tuning out the rest of the world for a first listen. We’re getting major “Good Kid, MAAD City” vibes. Here’s where you can get it:

Vic’s website
Apple Music

And here’s the video for “Rage,” the album’s first single.

And in case you want to rep Vic harder than anyone else, here are some social skins for literally every device you could want (besides an iPad because you’re not 60). Enjoy and happy listening.

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