Verameat is an accessories line that brings all the artsy girls to the yard

If you’ve ever walked around the East Village or Williamsburg, you’ve probably seen the Verameat store, and a few trendy gals hanging around the storefront.

From precious stone rings fitted to your zodiac needs and wire earrings in the shape of abstract faces, Verameat is like catnip for all the the cool, artsy babes out there.

We talked to Vera Balyura, the brains and artist behind Verameat, all about her passion, ideas, and meaning behind the brand.

What is Verameat?

It’s the meatier side of jewelry with more interesting subject matter and better material! It’s an accessories brand based in New York with two retail stores. We’ve started making clothing, fab silk scarves, and smoking hot slippers as well!

How do you find the girls you want to represent the brand?

If you mean gals that work in my store, I hire many of my Instagram fans and New York neighbors. If you mean gals I feature on my social media, well, when I’m in the store, if someone with great style comes in, I just feature them then and there. Usually I’ll give them a little deal for their new bling for helping me out with the feature! I love the energy of spur of the moment interactions.

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What kind of audience are you hoping to reach?

I’m not so picky, but I love eccentric people. The people with unique souls out there who have something to say, create, and share.

How has New York City impacted Verameat?

I’ve lived in New York longer then anywhere else in my life. I’ve been here since the age 14 so I’m a product of New York. I wouldn’t be a designer if I didn’t live here, and it’s just impossible to say what my life would be like without New York. I feel like it’s a parent to me.

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What have been some of the biggest lessons learned from launching your own company? 

Hard work is the only way to get there. I don’t believe in “out of the blue” luck. I believe you create your own luck through hard work and ingenuity.

What were your original career plans?

I always wanted to have a company since age 10 maybe earlier when I helped my father make pins around age 4 and saw my mother making ballet costumes for me and my friends. I also wanted to be a writer and film maker. I’m working on those other two goals as well like for my student film. My first book is coming out next year too.

Have you ever received any backlash for being a woman and starting your own company in such a competitive field?

No one ever believes I did it without male help, but I never care what people think. Not a single soul believed I could do it when I started, but I did it anyway.

How has your brand made a name for itself?

Honestly it’s word of mouth. We really don’t do much PR outside of what we’re asked for so it’s pretty crazy Verameat has been as successful as it has and grown so much.

What’s a message you hope to send to people through your brand?

To be inspired in your everyday life and to create a brighter future for yourself.

Check out Verameat on Instagram (@verameat).

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