If You Venmo This Comedian, She’ll Forgive Your Casual Racism

Milly Tamarez has made it super easy to obtain wokeness.

In a comedy sketch video titled “White Forgiveness”, she proposes a way for white people to absolve themselves of their guilt concerning racism and the results of this past election. She forgives them for their racist transgressions, on behalf of all people of color, for a small fee.

“White Forgiveness is a service where you venmo me at @Milly-Tamarez and I will publicly acknowledge you as one of the ‘Good White People’,” she says. “Dialogue with your racist family? That’s too hard. Putting money into the community you gentrified? That’s too hard!”

Since posting the video, which currently has more than 20,000 views, she has received dozens of Venmos which she screenshots and posts to her Tumblr page. She’s made over $100 forgiving people for wearing cornrows, playing roles meant for people of color in school productions, or even only having sex with white people.

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Milly came up with the concept after noticing that many white people avoided doing the actual work of tackling race issues, but still wanted the woke points. She would get into arguments with people on Facebook and while her friends weren’t willing to defend her publicly, they usually hit her up privately. Milly also had a friend apologize for making a racially insensitive comment and then ask to screenshot the message to share with her Facebook feed.

“I’m like, you don’t even care about my feelings, you just don’t want to feel bad and you just want other people to know that you’re good,” Milly told Galore. “So I’m like why don’t you just cut the shit, just pay me and I’ll do whatever you want? And that was kind of the attitude I was having.”

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While the video is funny AF and strictly meant to be comedic, white people are hilariously enraged. The comments are super defensive, with people asking why they should have to feel guilty for anything or calling her a racist bitch. Milly literally doesn’t care, though.

“A big part of the joke was I’m broke as fuck, pay me, like I’ll do anything for money,” Milly laughs. “So that’s why I’m not really trippin because I feel like I’m part of the joke too. They’re just not even trying to take a step back and let themselves to be satirized.”

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The video details different reward levels, like the $5 level where Milly will like a post you’ve made about Donald Trump, but most white people are content just to be forgiven on social media. The video is hilarious because it pokes fun at how performative wokeness can be.

“I was thinking like, something even beyond social media. So I asked my friend, ‘what’s the ultimate forgiveness or like a thing you can think of that you would pay the ultimate price for?'” She says, “And he was just like, if you said I was a good white person on social media. Like damn, that’s the most basic shit.”

Milly plans on recapping some of the best Venmos during her live comedy sketches as well as for another video. Her message ultimately is that we value how we appear on social media too much and that being woke is more than a performance.

“Like you’re not a good person if it’s not on social media? That’s really what I wanted to make fun of,” she says, “It’s like, you still have to do work, especially after this election. We all have to do things to progress this society. We’re very sick right now and we have to do actual tangible things.”

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