Vanessa Tha Finessa Releases “Current”, Talks New Music, Modeling+ more!

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing up and coming Artist, Vanessa Tha Vanessa! A familiar face to many, you’ve seen her modeling for the likes of Nike and Coach, we talk about her Debut EP “Current”, touring and more! We here at Galore love what Vanessa stands for and that she’s unapologetically her. You can listen and download “Current” HERE

Photographer Lula Hyers @lulahyers


Vanessa! It’s so good to finally speak with you! How are you?

Hi Perry!! I’m so excited to finally speak with you! So overdue to be honest! 

Your EP “Current” is out now, how does this feel to complete a body of work?

It feels really good & somewhat surreal. It’s so cool to say you’re gonna do something and actually do it, you know? It wasn’t easy but it was really fun. It was an extremely vulnerable process that taught me a lot about myself, my limits, capabilities & my creative process. I learned a little about how much the music making process entails. I say a little because there’s still so much more to learn lol, like a lot more!

We love your bold beats and on-point punchlines, who inspires you musically? 

I’m really inspired by black women in music. I’m inspired by all women but black women first. I’m a barb so of course Nicki inspires me, I also really love everything about missy Elliot, she’s so cool! Kelis is also such an inspiration beyond just sonics. The new age rap girls are so cool to me, I love a girl that gets on a track and confidently starts talking her shit with style, it’s so much better than the men. I’m also inspired by the new wave of Afrobeat’s & Afro fusion making its way across the globe right now, the range is insane! I’m just really happy that Africans are finally getting the spotlight to show our creativity and how cool we’ve always been. 

Photographer Lula Hyers @lulahyers

How has being born in and raised in Ghana influenced your music? I can certainly hear it in your music, it’s what separates you from a lot of other artists. 

Being Ghanaian is literally in me not on me, it literally inspires and propels everything I do. When it comes to my music, my beat selections are very percussion heavy and that’s definitely from my roots, that’s how I hear and listen to music naturally. I never really set out to make “Afro fusion” type of music. I just wanted to rap but I’ve realized it comes naturally the more that I make music and I’m not mad at it because that combined with the influences of American upbringing makes for a really unique sound, if you ask me.

How was it working with Falcons? 

Falcons is cool, he’s really cool, that’s the homie. He’s one of my LA day ones, he’s one of the first people that pushed me to make music. He’s an insanely talented producer and DJ, I’m really inspired by his musical brain. He’s easy to work with because he allows me to create freely but also teaches me. Those are always my favorite kinds of people to work with because I’m still learning, you know, & I need to feel safe & comfortable without judgment.  

Do you have a favorite track off your EP? 

I know you’re not supposed to face favorites but I actually do! I have two favorites of the EP and they’re “top notch” and “it’s you”. They’re equally my fav tho, it just depends on how I’m feeling that day because they’re two different types of energy. 

Stream “Current” HERE

“Talk tha Talk” has to be one of my favorite music videos of 2022, how has working on music videos been for you? 

I love working on music videos! They’re stressful but so much fun. I’m the lead creative director on all my visuals from start to finish. I come up with the ideas, create the mood boards, treatments and even put together the teams who bring it all to life. I’m very involved, I go over all the footage, make selects and sit in on edits sessions. I always have notes — like always, I can get annoying sometimes but it’s my art so I don’t really feel bad about it as long as I’m not being rude. I just need it to meet my standards. Seeing the final results of how everything came together is that much more fulfilling when they’re your ideas and you’re heavily involved.  

We’re entering our Hot-girl summer era, can we expect to see any live performances this year? Your fans (and me) can’t wait to see you on stage.

Everyone keeps asking me about performing! I’ve never done it before but I want to! I’ve been asked a couple times but haven’t because it’s something I want to be prepared for. Everyone says I just need to do it and not think about it but that’s not how my brain works, I need to prepare for it. Just know that when I do eventually perform it’s going to be good and worthwhile. I’m definitely looking forward to performing, maybe not this summer but soon! 

You started out modeling and landing major jobs with the likes of Nike and Coach – How has working as a model helped you with your music career? 

Modeling has taught me the importance of taking up space by being exactly who I am and not compromising to fit standards and ideas that are palatable for the masses or people who don’t look like me. As a dark skin model in the fashion industry you enter into a space where you are forced to quickly adjust and manage your expectations with jobs and clients because you still get more No’s than Yes’es and when you finally do get a yes, you just end up being tokenized. Taking up space in the world as a dark skin black woman is really imperative to me and honestly really fucking cool. 

Photographer Lula Hyers @lulahyers

What are some of your favorite fashion brands right now?

I’m a vintage girly truly, it’s all about the quality for me and that’s really where quality is these days. But I also really like Peter Do right now, it’s a lot of black & I love black but also the designs are so clean and chic. A few of a favorite classics are Prada and margiela 

Your skin! It’s flawless! Do you have a beauty regimen? 

Omg thank you!! For starters I drink a lot of water, it’s all I drink actually. I used to be the girl that was always buying/using a ton of skin care products just because but I think being consistent with the basics that work for you is key. My skin care routine consists of a clarifying cleanser, exfoliating toner, a peptide serum, moisturizer and sunscreen. At night I skip the toner, use a retinol serum and a hydrating mask/moisturizer instead. My day to day makeup routine is also really simple when I do decide to indulge, I’m bare skinned a lot. I use a skin tint and concealer or just concealer sometimes, a little bit of brow gel to the brows and maybe a highlighter. Can’t forget the gloss, the brown lip liner with a gloss combo is an undefeated must!  

Lastly, 2023 will be the year of…..

Growth, discipline and standing firm on personal boundaries! 



Talent: Vanessa Tha Finessa

Photographer: Lula Hyers @lulahyers

Nails: Jalen Dominique @buttesehandswork

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