Vanessa Hudgens is the next celeb to start building a beauty empire

Building a beauty empire is as important in a celeb’s development these days as releasing an AutoTuned dance single was in the 2000s.

And now, Vanessa Hudgens is the latest celeb to try her hand at selling makeup to the masses.

Vanessa’s teaming up with Sinful Colors, a nail polish company that also did a range with Kylie Jenner last year. Vanessa’s not just the face of SC’s new cosmetics line. She helped design the products, too. Her title is actually Global Color Collaborator.

The colors are totally rave-worthy — there’s not a natural taupe or beige shade in sight. The line currently consists of mascara, highlighters, metallic eyeshadow, neon brow pigments, and gel eyeliners that look like those milky gel pens everyone was obsessed with in grade school.

Since Vanessa is the unofficial queen of Coachella, it’s no surprise that her makeup line would have such a rave-y aesthetic. (Don’t forget the days of Coachella being boho mecca are over and it’s all about the club wear now.)

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So how is Vanessa’s line different from the celeb beauty brands that have come before her? For one thing, there’s not much emphases on skin-based products like blush or foundation. Kim Kardashian West’s beauty line is all about the contouring and Rihanna’s is beloved for carrying diverse shades of foundation. Meanwhile, Vanessa’s is all about the crazy colors you use to accessorize your beauty look.

This makes it more similar to Kylie Jenner’s beauty offerings, which emphasize highlighters and lip kits. Kylie’s have more of a YouTube beauty vlogger aesthetic, while Vanessa’s are more club kid. Check out the Bold Brow sticks below:

If anything, we’d compare Vanessa’s Sinful Colors line to Milk Makeup, but with more vivid shades. The new Sinful Colors products seem perfect for anyone who wants to experiment with more punk rock looks — and that’s rare for a celeb makeup line. It’ll be a while before Kim Kardashian releases blue and lavender brow shades, we’ll tell you that much.

You can check out the products here. They’ll be available for purchase in January 2018 and the brand expects to roll out 100 new colors next year.

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