Why Urban Decay Is Bringing Back Its Iconic 90s Lipstick Shades

In honor of Urban Decay’s 20th anniversary, the brand decided to re-release select products from their original ‘96 line.

The relaunch includes 9 out of the 10 original lipsticks, 19 eye shadows and 12 nail polishes that are available for a limited time only. Thanks to our friends at Urban, we were able to try out some of the vintage lip shades and let me tell you, they do not disappoint. The shades are not for the faint of heart, with names like asphyxia, pallor, and smog.

While it’s no secret that Urban Decay creates some of the best makeup products out there, Galore wanted to explore the creative process behind the vintage lipstick line a little more deeply. We sat down with Urban Decay’s Founding Partner and Chief Creative Officer, Wende Zomnir, and asked her a few questions about these super awesome lipstick shades.

How did you come up with the idea for a vintage lipstick line?

Back in the ‘90s, people looked at me like I was crazy when I wore blue lipstick everyday. Now, women (and men!) are more open to experimenting with their makeup and having fun with it. We’ve been wanting to bring back some of our vintage shades for a while now and instead of just picking a few, we decided to launch the entire original lineup!

The products are a re-release of the original ‘96 line. Were there any changes that you made for this new line or did you try to remain as close to the original as possible?

These are the same original shades, but in our new Vice Lipstick formula.

How do you go about naming the lipsticks?

In general, we really don’t shy away from much. We don’t swear in our names, but we do use a lot of references to naughty or forbidden things. We put it all on the table with a collection of names, and we edit from there. Sometimes we the name is just there; other times, we refer to this list of names that we keep when we’re stuck. Other times, nothing on the list works, so we get a whole group around the table to brainstorm. Sometimes it involves a glass of wine or two; then the brainstorming can get pretty racy! There are no rules in the room, and nothing is too awful. It doesn’t have to leave the room or even make the list of backup names.

Where did the inspiration for the names come from?

We named these after things their shades reminded us of like Smog and Oil Slick.

What specific aspect of the 90s inspired the lipsticks? Were you influenced by certain tv shows, movies, music, etc?

We brought back these vintage shades to celebrate our 20 year anniversary. Along with chokers and cropped tops, the 90s are back!

Who is a style icon from the 90’s that you’d picture wearing these vintage shades?

Shirley Manson.

Lastly, who is one star of today that you think would look perfect in these blue and purple lipsticks?

Ruby Rose.

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