These Undies Are Invisible Like a VS Thong But Won’t Fall Apart in the Wash

When I discovered Victoria’s Secret’s lace thongs years ago, I thought all my underwear problems were over. Finally, I had found underwear that eliminated VPL and love handles, thanks to the stretchy lace waistband.

But then I moved to New York City and stopped doing my own laundry (FlyCleaners is life — sweet yet unreliable life) and all my precious VS undies started falling apart after just four or five washes.

If you live somewhere like NYC where you don’t have access to your own washer and dryer, your favorite lacy Victoria’s Secret thongs can start to seem almost disposable. These things were not built to handle the rigors of an industrial spin cycle.

So you have two options: you could either start hand-washing all your unmentionables or try to find some that can withstand the laundry process.

And for anyone with a life, the first one is not an option. Do you think the dude who signs your paycheck is using his precious time on this earth to hand-wash his boxers? Ummm, no.

But I recently discovered a thong that actually holds up in the wash and is just an invisible as the VS lacy version. Commando has a variety of thongs, which basically fall into two camps: lacy or not. The lacy ones are knit a lot tighter than Victoria’s Secret lace so they don’t fall apart. AND they shockingly have non-lace undies that you can’t see under clothes. They’re like a second skin, it’s insane.

They also come with weird graphics, like Big Ben or rhinestone skulls, if you’re into that sort of thing.

You might not want to wear Commando every day because they’re made of synthetic microfiber and I hear cotton is good for letting the lady parts breathe. But if you wear tight clothes a lot and you can’t be bothered to hand-wash your undies, you’re gonna wanna grab a few pairs of these.

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