Tyga Gets to Watch Kylie Dance Up On a Girl For New Alexander Wang Campaign

Finally, some good news for Tyga.

Yes, he’s about to go to court where Kylie is probs/def going to have to testify against him, but right now, he’s living the dream.

Not only did he get paid to hang out with his girlfriend while wearing designer clothing that won’t cost his broke ass a dime, but he also got paid to chill in a bathtub with a bottle of champagne while getting to watch his girlfriend dance up on another girl.

Seriously, look at how happy he is.

@AlexanderWangNY #WANGF16 directed by @idirectorx #wangsquad✨

A photo posted by @annaewers on

Sure pays off to be a member of the Wang Gang.

@alexanderwangny #wangsquad

A video posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

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