Tyga and Kanye Dabbed in Bunny Suits for Easter

You might have had a great Easter Sunday, but chances are it didn’t compare to the joy the Kardashians and Jenners felt when they watched two of their manliest family members dress up in fluffy white bunny suits just to make their kids happy.

Kylie and Kim Snapchatted the entire Kardashian-Jenner celebration, which included a fluffy appearance from the two rappers.

The guys made their appearance midway through the day with some trendy dance moves.

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Then, they posed for pics with various family members.


So cute, not even creepy at all.

They even wore the fluffy bunny shoes. Such attention to detail.

Speaking of shoes, Saint West stole the show with his baby Yeezys:

Add that to the list of reasons why the Kardashians and Jenners sparked some major Easter envy this year.


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