Trevor Moran Turned Dancing At the Apple Store Into a YouTube Career

You may still be struggling to find that “thing” that you want to do for the rest of your life — but YouTube star and entertainer Trevor Moran found it when he was just 11 years old.

Trevor discovered his unique talent for entertaining by using the Apple Store’s display computers to record himself dancing and singing to various pop songs, and then sharing them on YouTube. Talk about someone who does not give any f*cks about what people think of him — and the reactions of the rando people in the store while he was dancing were the best part.

Today, Trevor is 18 and has developed into a multi-platform entertainer as a songwriter, singer and performer with a ridiculously gigantic global following. Perhaps his biggest hurdle thus far hasn’t even been the singing or performing part like it’s been for some — but rather growing up in the public eye, and coming out not only to his parents and family, but to his millions of fans.

In 2015, Trevor released the music video for “I Wanna Fly” which alluded to being gay, which he later confirmed in a video on his YouTube channel.

With a new single, “Get Me Through the Night,” and a brand new EP in the works, Trevor isn’t embarrassed to look back on his awkward days as an 11-year-old dance-crashing the Apple store, and is instead hoping to be the inspiration for many others to be their true selves.

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Check out the video for “Get Me Through the Night” and then peep our Q&A with T where he reveals a few of his beauty secrets for looking so bomb on-camera.

You started out doing Apple Dance Videos when you were just 11, what made you decide to start doing that? Were there any crowd reactions that were more memorable than others?

I love technology and I love music. I put them together, then boom! Content. My most memorable moments were when the employees would jump in & dance with me. Sooo funny.

What do you think when looking back on those videos now?

“Wow. I had fuckin balls, man.”

You’ve basically grown up in the public eye, during some of the weirdest years (puberty, blah) of people’s lives — and you’ve managed to come out and be yourself. Was it hard in any way to stay true to who you are?

Yes, it’s hard to grow up in public… But I’ve learned to find the beauty in it because so many of my memories are online. I can always look back and see what my life was like just by doing a Google search. That’s fucking cool. Even if my failures & days where I look god awful are online, it just proves I’m a human. Also, coming out to my fans was just as hard as coming out to my parents, honestly. They are my family and it doesn’t seem like such a big deal now, but it was so difficult at the time. I guess the challenging part was breaking out of the old shell and hoping that my fans would accept me. A lot of people who come out only have to come out to friends & family.. It’s a lot more nerve-racking when you’re subject to judgment from millions of people.

Would you say that most of your fans were open to your sexuality? It seems they love you regardless of what you identify as.  

When I came out, a lot of my fans did too WHICH IS SO COOL. The majority of them were definitely open and accepting. I did lose some and that sucks… but whatever. NEXT!

What advice would you give to others who are coming out, or struggling with gender identity?  

If you are scared to come out because of what people might think of you, that is their problem, not yours. If you are in a position or community where it doesn’t feel like it’s the right time or not “normal” to come out, take your time. It’s okay. I waited ’til I moved to Los Angeles. I am so blessed to have amazing friends & an accepting family. I will never take it for granted.

How do you feel about the overturn of the transgender protection laws that Trump ordered recently?  

NASA just found 7 new planets and he is trying to reverse time. I try to steer away from politics by all means… but like… what the fuck.

You’ve been releasing original music for the past few years, including your most recent single, “Get Me Through The Night”, what has been your favorite thing about being able to write your own music?  

Since I write my own music (most of the time), it can show all my progress over the years. Character development.

Would you ever do another round of Apple Dance Videos now? What song would you pick?  

Maybe! I would wanna do it to my own song, probably.

Tell us about your fave beauty products, since you always look beautiful on-camera. What’s the one thing you can’t go on-camera without?  

Oh no I’m telling you my secrets now!? I love Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation & Angels on Bare Skin by LUSH. Not sponsored. Just good shit.


What’s next for you? More music? Movies? TV? Tell us!  

Definitely more music. A movie? That would be cool. A TV show? Working on it, tbh.


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Photos by Naserin Bogado @Collect1vemind


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