Tour Diary: On the Road with Rico Nasty

A Trap Star is what you could describe Rico Nasty’s musical presence, but she is much more than that. Rico’s a Mother, Singer/Rapper, and Songwriter whose ever-evolving sound and fashion have captured the eyes of a Million adoring fans and has won her coveted awards along the way, we’re so excited to catch up with the Maryland-born native. While on her 29-city Outbreak Tour, we chat about all things from her New Album to her Dream Collaborations.

Featured Interview:

Punk meets Hip-Hop meets cyber-pop, what is your inspiration behind the sound?

I just like to go to the studio and try a bunch of stuff. The people who inspire me are the people who help me create whatever I’m working on at the moment. I love knowing what my producer is listening to and the things they use for inspiration while making a beat.

Who were your idols growing up?

Joan Jett, Rihanna, Tyler, Nicki ,Gaga . But I think since I found Tyler before he blew up it created a super fan in me . I bought so many shirts and watched every vlog/interview.

Being a black and Latina woman in hip hop how do you feel you are disrupting the culture?

Being myself in a world where people try to fit into certain molds is how I feel like I’m disrupting the culture. 

What’s your favorite verse on your new single “TURN IT UP

 I just put the CASH in a stash !!! Why you lookin on my page and you ain’t even wash ya Ass ! (It’s really the chorus but who cares).

What is sugar trap music?

Sugar trap music is girly punk . Something I created to signify soft& hard good and bad type ishhhhhh.

What emo or punk band did you grow up listening to?

Avril Avril Avril !!!! Weezer, panic at the disco, fall out boy !!! 

Describe Tour life with Rico what are your go-to snacks what town had the best weed and what crowd was the most gnarly?

I think this question is for my photographer hahahaha . She said she HATES COOL WHIP ! I keep it for when I eat my fruit ! I was hella surprised. But I made her try sour skittles for the first time and she said YUM.

How do you juggle being a mom and a trap star?

I honestly thank god for my support system . And I thank god for blessing me with such an amazing kid. He makes my job so easy.

You have done some sick collabs with the likes of Doja Cat and Kali Uchis is their anyone you would to love to collab with in future?

I’d love to collab with Yves tumor . Or even Tyler . I collaborated with Teezo before and he’s one of my favorites to work with along with Bktherula . I just like the idea of working with people who can bring out the best/fun version of me.

What fashion trend are you completely over 

The big red boots ! I hate to be that person. But they are obnoxious. My brother Billy has a pair and I tried them on and couldn’t imagine wearing them . Maybe I’m not cool enough . That’s the thing about trends … if you don’t get it it wasn’t made for you !!!! Someone will get it hence the hundreds of people who got that boot !!!! 

What advice would you give your 16 year old self

I would tell her to stop beating herself up & I would tell her that she’s beautiful. 

How do you plan to experiment artistically and push your musical style even further?

I think living .. genuinely living experiencing, learning new things will be what pushes me farther in music and my style. 

What is next for you this year?

Working on a new album. Going to take my time. Take it all in. I want to tour again maybe overseas.

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