Tomasa del Real, The Neo-Perreo Queen of the North American, South American and European Club Scene 

By Jane Puchniak @janepuchniak

There are many innovators in music, but there are a select few that shift and bend sound to the point where we can all acknowledge that a new genre is born. In Tomasa del Real’s case, that new genre was Neo-Perreo. 

“In my city Iquique, near the beach, we listened to a lot of Reggaeton so when I started singing, I didn’t even think about it, it was just natural for me to sing in that style, but my taste was so broad, I wasn’t just listening to Reggaeton. I was listening to Grimes. Tame Impala. Grittier electronic sounds,” – she shares. 

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Tomasa’s musical taste was only part of what became a shift of an entire genre. – “When I started producing music, some people would reference me as a Neo-Reggaeton queen and I thought that sounded like cultural appropriation as I’m not from Puerto Rico. There are certainly elements of Reggaeton, but the roots of my music are definitely Perreo.”

So, what’s NeoPerreo? It’s a dance that you probably wouldn’t want your grandmother to see you doing at the club. It brims with heat and runs through dancefloors in the underground of South America and far beyond. Picture one of your favorite Latin beats smashed together with the gritty synths of your favorite DJ. Add some heavy swing to a bassline that literally shakes your ribcage making it completely impossible to sit still. Add lyrics that make you do a double-take and an infectious voice brought to you by the otherworldly presence and stunning beauty of Tomasa del Real. Add just the right amount of auto-tune that pops right to the beat and you’ll see why fans the world over are stopping in their tracks to celebrate this genre-defying innovator.

She cites that the music is more than the sound, it’s the way the music brings people together. “This music moves beyond the more traditional, heteronormative idea of a guy and a girl dancing to Latin music. This music is inclusive. All are welcome in this movement. If you are a part of the LGBTTQ+ community, the goth community if you are a club kid. Come as you are, dress in a way that makes you feel fierce as fuck, however that may be. You are welcome here.” 

Her wildly contagious, hard-hitting sounds have now lit up dance floors internationally with Tomasa developing loyal followings everywhere from Chile, Argentina, Peru, Mexico and Colombia to the United States, the United Kingdom, and across Europe. 

So, where will Tomasa’s music best fit into your life?

“My music isn’t for, you know, chilling and watching the birds. It’s for partying. It’s for f***ing.”  

Tomasa’s tenacity extends far beyond the studio. Testament to her creative genius, her passion for her work, and her aspirational work ethic, landed her on the stages of Coachella, Lollapolloza, Electric Daisy Carnival and the list goes on.  

What’s on for next year? Here’s where it gets even more interesting.

“As I’ve been traveling across North and South America and Europe, I’ve built beautiful friendships with new fans and friends, many of whom don’t speak Spanish. Through this experience, I had this strong calling to cross over and start writing some of my lyrics in English. I want them to know not only the music but the heart and the words behind it.”

It’s what fans across the world have been waiting for. Tomasa del Real’s next album drops in 2022. It will of course feature Tomasa’s iconic voice and her signature sounds with that same alluring fire she is known and loved for. On the album, she’ll cross genres yet again with a Hyper-Pop and Emo song being laced with the Latin rhythms she became known for.

“It’s funny. Some people outside of Latin America, still have this image that Latin music is people with fruits in their hair. NEOPERREO is the post-apocalyptic version of the contemporary Latin music scene and the modern Latin culture. We are having fun. There is so much heat and sexuality. I really want to show the world the narrative around sexuality in Latin music. It feels a lot more equal than it does in some other parts of the world.

“For me, it’s all about that respect. If you respect me, I respect you. That’s how it works. The ideology behind Neo-Perreo for me, that equality is here, and we’re having a fucking great time bringing it to parties and lighting up these sweaty dance floors along the way.”

As wild, free, and uninhibited as Tomasa is on stage and in her music, there is a balance. There’s a beautiful humility, respect, and overall vibe to her presence off-stage. She’s still that same strong, passionate person with infectiously warm energy, but she’s definitely grounded considering the success that she’s seen along the way. 

When asked what is one thing you’d love for people to know, she replies, “this type of music is not just me, I just put the name to the genre. The sound was born from a lot of other artists, and I invite everyone to listen to them. If you love my music, hit up the Neo-Perreo playlists out there. When you seek these artists out, there are some incredible bangers waiting there for you.” 

One to watch: Isabella Lovestory. “To me, she is the new Queen of Neo-Perreo. She is making huge waves and I guarantee when you hear her song on a dancefloor, it will set your soul on fire.”

Until her new album drops in 2022, you can stream Tomasa’s songs that have racked up staggering streaming numbers like Barre con el Pelo (feat DJ Blass) and Perra del Futuro everywhere you stream music.

So, if Tomasa is passing off the crown of Neo-Perreo, what’s the next title on the horizon for her? My prediction – she’ll be the Queen of Berghain before we know it.

To connect with Tomasa del Real follow her on Instagram: @tomasadelreal


Written by Jane Puchniak @janepuchniak

Photographed by António Cruz @el_doncruz

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