This Pride Let’s “Battle Rock” with the Catalan Drag and Gogó Performer, Sagittaria 

Sagittaria is a Catalan, Barcelona born, artist. Even though she is twenty-three years old, she has been doing drag for more than four years. Her first contact with the drag world was at Barcelona, where she worked as a gogó dancer and a performer at parties. Due to the crazy and astonishing acrobatic stunts she used to do in her shows, Sagittaria caught the attention not only from her community, but also in a national level.

In May 2021 she was part of the cast of  “Drag Race España” and she really did have chances of winning the crown in the first Spanish edition of the iconic show “RuPauls Drag Race”. Even though she didn’t make it, the artist demonstrated her ability and versatility through her fashion interpretation and humorous skills. Sagittaria ended up being one of the finalists of the contest with a big validity to obtain the title of the first winner of Drag Race España.

She’s been working hard since the end of the show. She has done the “El hotel de las reinas” tour which is part of the Drag Race España experience. She also travelled for the first Drag Queen Mexico and Latin American Comic Convention. She’s being doing multiple shows all over Spain and she also walked in the Mercedes Fashion Week for Giorgela Studio.

The “Battle Rock” editorial intends to represent a masculinity and a femininity that goes beyond social norms. It allows one to understand what it means to be human outside of the normative spectrum. The way society tries to make a “gender battle” can be seen in how the artist uses the colors blue and pink. However, “Battle Rock” also represents the LGTBIQ+ collective, showing all kinds of diversity under its wing and dissociating the preconceived image of pride, which sometimes tends to use men as the highest representatives of the LGTBIQ+ community .


@itsagittaria for @galore

Edited by Shirley Reynozo

Creative Direction & Photography:  Pelayo A. Estébanez (@pelayoalvest)

Styling : Laura Bluetooth( @bluetoothgirl) &Alba Puente (@bickkks)

Hair: Brais Garcia(@garciamartinezbrais)

Make up: Maria Pozuelo(@bylamari_) & Carlos Ladrón (carlosladron_)

Post production: Xenxo Martín (@fuckgentius)

Art: Pablo Quilis (@17121216.18)

Video & Characters photo : María Barón (@susurrros

Lighting: Miriam Muñiz ( @ultraviolectrum) &  Sergio Cuesta (@sxrgiocuxsta)

Nails: Jonathan Coronado (@filhodokoro)

Art Assist & fashion Assist: Nuria Lopez (@lanutrialopez)

Photo Assist:Tania Mendoza (@iconxsphto)


Cristian Soto (@cristiansoto____)

Jos (@josdavvo)

 Megane Mercury ( @meganemercury

  Roi Porto (@roiporto)

Rubén (@lukinbravo)

  Carlos Palencia (@carlosspalencia)

 Terese Aguado (@tereseaguado)

Dana Sevillano (@wdanax

Special thanks to @lucharamabytriplew & @latriplew &  @carlosromopw

Brands Credits:

Sagittarias’ Look 1  – Dress: Emeerree (

Sagittaria’s look 2  – pants: It-Spain (@it-spain)

Terese’s look –Top: Marcio Lopes Ferreira (@mmarlostudio), crochet top, mittens and trousers : Nuria López (@lanutrialopez)

Dana’s Look – top: Pawoblo (@pawoblo) , trousers: It-Spain (@it_spain) boots: Nuria López (@lanutrialopez) Nails – @dokoronails

Carlos´s Look- Bodysuit: Teenage Dream (@teen8dream), trousers: Digital Distortion (@digital_distortion666), mask: Albinohector (@albinohector)

Lukin’s look – jeans: It-Spain (@it-spain)  

Megan’s look- shorts: It-Spain (@it-spain), shoulder pads: It-Spain (@it-spain), leggings: Nuria López (@lanutrialopez)

Roi’s look – waistcoat: It-Spain (@it-spain), sash: It-Spain (@it-spain)

Jos’s look- set: flwrboy (@flwrboy), mask: Albinohector (@albinohector)

Cristian’s look – trousers: It-Spain (@it-spain)

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