This Is The Sexiest Item In Lee Piotrowski’s Closet

Lee Piotrowski, aka @velvetcloouds, is a designer, blogger, and aspiring fashion guru.

Self proclaimed “eclectic Libra dwelling the streets of LA,” Lee knows a thing or two about fashion. From the every-changing hair styles to the funnest OOTD pics, Lee’s Instagram account serves as an endless source for style and beauty inspiration.

We asked Lee about the sexiest piece of clothing she owns, the best city to shop in, and many more of our favorite #GaloreGirl questions. See what she had to say, below.

What’s the sexiest piece of clothing you own?

Definitely my vintage Versace lime green mini dress! It’s super short and has a zipper down the middle so you can control the amount of cleavage you show, and it makes my boobs look awesome [Laughs]. It also has a bias cut so it’s just made to complement a woman’s body like most of Gianni’s designs. That is something I’ve always loved about his work.

What’s the secret to the best Instagram post?

Do what you can to make it interesting! For example, I get gifted a bunch of makeup products and jewelry, so a lot of selfies are mandatory. Each one I try to really make unique by using different hairstyles, interesting tops, and new ways to do my makeup. I feel like even though it’s my face over and over it feels like fresh content! Good lighting is always a plus and personally, I don’t do much editing. I’m not really a filter girl, but I do like to brighten pictures, use a bit of contrast, and I always do what I can to make sure the colors are vivid! Rich color I’ve noticed always gets more interaction. Also, don’t think too hard about your caption, just be you. People love being able to relate and see your personality.

What about the secret to the best OOTD pic?

Lighting is a big one! You want to be able to see the colors and characteristics of the outfit. Additionally, I think it’s important to post an OOTD series so that you can get shots of the little things that really make up the outfit, like accessories! Stand at an angle that shows the best aspects of your outfit like a lucite heel or detail on the side of a jacket. Try a bunch of different poses so you can pick the best ones at the end. Pick a background that goes well with your fit! You don’t want to distract from the outfit. Find a backdrop that compliments the colors or adds an interesting contrast.

If you had to wear one outfit for the entire year of 2016, what would it be?

Culottes, some type of turtleneck top, and thigh high boots. I mean, or all denim everything

What are your thoughts on the monokini?

I’m very into them! I’ve been seriously gravitating towards one-pieces for the past few years and the monokini is the perfect balance, as is still lets me show a good amount of skin. They make me feel sexy while still allowing me to cover up when my stomach isn’t looking A1 [Laughs]. I especially love the mesh insert or strappy styles you can find from brands like the Minimale Animale or on sites like Nastygal.

Which city has the best shopping?

Well, out of the cities I’ve been to, I’d have to say my native city LA. We have everything from crazy amazing vintage stores (try Squaresville vintage), designer resale stores (check out Wasteland), to really bomb street wear.

Who is your biggest style icon?

That’s hard, don’t think there is a ‘biggest’ one. I think what I find iconic are all the dope girls on Instagram who I follow, because so many have such unique individual style and it’s really inspiring.

What’s your personal stance on piercings and tattoos? Do you have any? Why or why not?

I am all for body mods! I have multiple tattoos and piercings. I believe it’s important for people to be able to make themselves feel special and unique. I have one on my finger for my grandmother who passed away, and it just reminds me of her every time I look at it. I love that.

If you were a flavor of ice cream, would you be?

Black Cherry!

On a scale of prude to nudist beach enthusiast, where do you stand?

I’m definitely a nudist beach enthusiast.

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