Leaving Silent Danger: The Spirit Sisters give us an inside look of the haunted Beverly Hills mansion

The Spirit Sisters, a creative duo out of Los Angeles, found the inspiration for a photoshoot while they were in the Beverly Hills mansions that haunt Sunset Boulevard. 

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When nightlife brings the young and haunted into these manors for cocktail and substance soirees, the mansions themselves seem to imprint their past onto the attendees – giving all that enter a timeless persona.

Seeing this subconscious shift in disposition, The Spirit Sisters, aimed to capture the atmosphere in an editorial ominously titled “Leaving Silent Danger.”

This selection of photos reveal a psychedelic trip into vintage, pearlized Hollywood. This seventies-inspired kaleidoscopic fall down the cherry and lime rabbit hole brings a sense of deja-vu that echo’s through the past lives of the city of angels.

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Art Direction by The Spirit Sisters

Photography by Chloe Holmes

Styling by Brandi Howe

Makeup by Taylor Martinez 

Male model: Demitre O’Sullivan

Female model: Cameron Rose

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