The internet is losing it over Jonah Hill’s pink hair, and we swear it’s now the new dye job for Summer

Forget what any and everyone has told you, including me: pink is the official hair color of the Summer, and it’s just been confirmed in the best way ever.

These days, it’s all but in a celebrity’s job description to keep the public guessing. Change is at the very least a necessary evil, if not a literal requirement with regard to staying relevant in an environment that places an obscene amount of emphasis on novelty.

We expect things from certain celebrities: when Kim Kardashian, for example, decided to dye her hair hot pink for her trip to Tokyo, people weren’t exactly surprised.

On Friday, though, comedian, actor, and America’s sweetheart, Jonah Hill, made a very bold, very pink statement via his Instagram:

Omg you guys !

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In case you’ve been less rigorous in keeping up with Jonah Hill fan pages than you’d like to admit, I’m more than happy to report that Jonah has been doing ostensibly well. He’s currently working on his own film, an American coming-of-age drama that he wrote himself titled, “Mid 90s”— as director, no less.

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Jonah’s versatility has clearly transcended his career endeavors and has carried over into the realm of fashion.

It’s really cool to see his hair on Jonah, given the fact that he’s never really garnered much attention with regard to his fashion and beauty choices (which, by the way, is completely fine). It works surprisingly well on him, as if he were always meant to try it.

Naturally, the new ‘do sent some major waves through the Internet. This is how people responded:

Miley Cyrus seal of approval. #CommentsByCelebs

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Clearly, as Cyrus’ short but sweet comment of “hot” suggests, Miley Cyrus is a big fan of the new look. But, Cyrus certainly isn’t the only one on board:

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I also found this insanely hilarious vaporwave edit that would seem inappropriate not to share here:

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a new celebrity hairdo without a healthy dose of ‘looks like the type of dude’ similies:

But wait, here’s my favorite one:

Is that last tweet not the most accurate thing you’ve ever read?

Jonah Hill is awesome, and we love seeing him thrive.

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