The Icons Only Issue, Starring India Love!

To help us celebrate our ICONS ONLY Issue, we’ve tapped online retailer, Boohoo, and It-girl/model and mogul, India Love, to showcase this season’s Spooky looks! Iconic Bombshells before India Love include Pamela Anderson, Kim Kardashian, and Lil Kim, to name a few – have all embraced their sexuality and have inspired India to be fearless. Just in time for Halloween, Boohoo has dropped another iconic Halloween drop, as seen on India in our issue! Shop our favorite looks below and read India’s full Interview.

Photography: Savanna Ruedy

Featured Interview:

How is your creativity disrupting the culture?

I feel my creativity definitely disrupts the culture by Continuously starting new trends and simply being authentic with Everything I showcase on social media, it has gotten me to where I am and who I am now. I’m always constantly pushing boundaries and knocking over industry norms in a very authentic way. 

How are you using your platform for change and building awareness for things you are passionate about? 

I constantly use my platform to broadcast the things I truly believe in and stand for such as helping and supporting others and being a humble servant to God. I work very closely with a foster youth foundation/nonprofit organization called “The Dream Catcher Foundation” where I at least twice a year go visit the kids, talk to them, encourage do uplifting activities, and gift them with things that I either buy or get brands to donate to. 

This issue of Galore is all about icons, Who are your SHEROES?

My MOTHER! My sisters! All of the women in my family are my SHEROES because they embody womanhood and motherhood in such a beautiful way. They all do it so differently but I can pull from each of them constantly as I go through my life.

What does icon mean to you?

An icon to me is a timeless STAR who never goes out of style and who is praised by the masses.

What has been your most iconic moment in this industry?

To be quite Honest I don’t feel I’ve had my iconic moment yet, but I know I’m working hard to get to that moment, this is the most energized I’ve felt in my career and I’m truly feeling like God’s timing has been the right timing for me. So when that moment comes I’ll be sure to call the Galore team and let them know.

Growing up in a big family what lesson did your older siblings help you fight through?

I feel one of the most valuable lessons my siblings have taught me by far is to not be so hard on myself. I’m 1000% am my biggest critic and they definitely have helped me remind myself of who I am and what great things I’ve achieved so far.

Marilyn Monroe or Pam Anderson?

Totally different yet stand-alone women I can’t choose, they both have disrupted the industry and are both such beautiful women. They along with others have paved the way for women like myself to embrace sexuality and provocateur, yet still be able to be strong boss women.

You are such a chameleon with the hair and glam, what’s your favorite look so far and do blondes have more fun?

I definitely love changing my look up that’s no secret but I feel my favorite look on me by far is a silky black bust down middle part sew-in weave with a glam by @hotlikefire . Never misses! Do blondes have more fun? Ehh I’m not too sure about that I feel us brunette hair girls have it on lock, but I loved getting to explore blonde for this collaboration with boohoo, definitely channeled my inner blondie! 

What edits from boohoo Halloween collection are you obsessed with?

I’m absolutely obsessed with the leopard bodysuit that I got to wear during the shoot for Boohoo and Galore. The fabric and fit were absolutely insane, I always think boohoo gets it right when creating really fun fashion that’s affordable for the girlies! The Purge LED mask is most definitely super hot as well , definitely provides that like don’t play with me vibe that I love, scary but super sexy! I also think the silver 3 piece set w/ chaps is fire, shout-out to Beyoncé, she really made 2023 a silver movement, the way she inspired the culture and fashion with silver this year was and will forever be ICONIC.

Y2K is forever a vibe, you are in the new campaign for True Religion how did this come about and what’s your favorite piece from that collection?

My brand manager and I were talking about brands that I really wanted to work with, that I felt were authentic to me and represented culture through fashion, and I just felt like True Religion was the one. I’ve had other denim opportunities and I’ve enjoyed them, but the True Religion team has been so inspiring and so supportive towards me my entire career, this opportunity just made sense and was the perfect timing. Shoutout to the True team for believing in me and blessing me with this opportunity! My favorite piece of the collection was the low-rise cargo true religion pants/cargos. Those fit my body type SO perfectly I was in awe.

 What advice do you have for your 16-year-old self?

Take your time with life. It’s precious. be smart, plan everything out, and not only that but more importantly, make sure you execute. Lay a brick a day towards whatever Goal you are trying to accomplish. Invest in yourself 

 What is your beauty philosophy? 

A beauty philosophy of mine is a must-do skincare routine daily. Every morning. Skin must look like Glass! Okkrt! –

If you were stranded on a island what is one item you could not live without?

The first thing that comes to my mine is water lol but if water is already there, maybe a cute boohoo sweatsuit, just so the native islanders know I’m a hot girl!

Growing up do you have a favorite Halloween memory?

Growing up we weren’t allowed to celebrate Halloween, I grew up in a Christian household however I’d definitely say all of my favorite memories typically are cultivated with my family, so any memory with them no matter what is my favorite.

Do you like scary movies if so what is your favorite one?

Nope, I actually wasn’t allowed to watch scary movies growing up. My mother always said it was inviting evil through the tv. I enjoyed Netflix’s Wednesday series based around the Addams Family! Shoutout to Jenna Ortega she bodied the role! 

 If you were to create your own horror film who would be the villain?

MEN! Lol 

What is the best Halloween candy, are you a candy corn girl or more chocolate type?

I am not a candy corn girl, more of a milk chocolate type of girl however, even That is rare. Lol I <3 chips

What is next for you on this superstar journey?

I’m truthfully just so excited to build my own businesses right now in my career. I’ve done a lot of helping other brands thrive and contributed to a lot of successful brands but now I am stepping into my entrepreneur bag in this season and becoming my own boss in a lot of areas in my life. So stay tuned and get your wallets ready, 2024 will be a strong year for myself and my brand overall. Amen

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Team Credits:

Photography: Savanna Ruedy

Wardrobe Stylist: Zoe @suitedbyzoe

Makeup: Selena Ruiz @anythingforselenaaassss

#1 Hair Stylist : Daniel Ramirez @merakibydaniel

#2 Hair Stylist: Mariah Green: @amazinglystyled

Cover Art Design – Carlos Graciano @sadpapi666 

Editor-in-chief – Prince Chenoa @princechenoastudio

Galore Features Editor – Perrin Johnson (@Editsbyperry)

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