The Difference Between A Head High And A Body High

Last night I smoked a blunt with my sister for her very first time and needless to say, she got super stoned. “My body feels weird!!” she exclaimed, right before she fell asleep. The first thing she said when she woke up HOURS later was: “I thought I was going to feel a burst of energy when I smoked!” She was totally confused.

Whenever I get home after work all I want to do is smoke a giant ass blunt of indica and chill hard. During the week(ends), I prefer to start my day with another blunt, this time of a sativa, and start writing. Even though weed noobs believe that all weed is the same, true stoners tend to have a preference between the 2 types: indica and sativa.


= in da couch.

Yes, this is true as hell. When I smoke an indica all I really end up doing is laying in bed staring at my ceiling and eventually falling asleep. It makes my body feel super heavy and my head very drowsy. Indica strains “possess a relaxing body high that allows the user to gain a sense of his or her environment, rather than deep thought or analysis of the experience,” according to the Weed Street Journal. Indicas are great for relaxation purposes, stress relief, and for an overall sense of serenity and tranquility.

The Weed Blog also states that indicas relieve body pain, spasms, headaches, anxiety and even relax muscles. One time I accidentally smoked an indica before heading to a party and guess what? I didn’t end up going. Instead, I passed out on my couch in full club attire.


Sativas have a totally different effect on me. I get an immediate burst of energy, become super bubbly and my brain starts generating idea after idea, which is great. The WSJ states, “When smoking a sativa the high is very cerebral. You get a rush of energy and a buzz in the body, a great way of getting work done without being sucked into your couch.” The sativa high is thought of as being uplifting and optimistic.

The Weed Blog also mentions others benefits such as fighting depression, increasing focus and creativity, being uplifting and generating cerebral thoughts. Good enough for me. I also love smoking sativas before going out — it’s the perfect pre-game.

In the end, there is no good or bad weed, it all just depends on your preference. My advice? Smoke it all.

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