Many of us have watched Alaya High grow up right before our eyes and she’s just getting started. In our new interview, we learn about how Lay Lay got her start in the industry, her music career and what she has on the way very soon. Keep reading below to learn all about how she does it!


You began rapping at the tender age of 5-years-old and went viral on social media for it. How did your parents handle this influx of popularity of your video and how did it set the foundation for your career?   

It was by far the reason why I’ve had so much success, after that video of me rapping in the car went viral I had so many opportunities like Mitsubishi car commercial, Old Navy commercial, Music on Lego 2 soundtrack to having my own TV show. It’s been really amazing. My parents are both familiar with the industry, so the popularity was easy for them to adapt to. They definitely keep me grounded but still let me enjoy life. I just love them so much.  

By 11-years-old you signed your record deal and hit the ground running. Take us back to this time and talk about some of the projects you were a part of.   

It was a lot of work. Long studio hours. I learned how I wanted my voice to sound because I recorded songs over and over if I heard one little thing that I didn’t like. I’m still like that to this day. 

In 2018 you released your debut project “The Cheat Code”, which features 13 songs. What was it like recording your first full project, and what did you learn from this experience?  

Recording “Cheat Code” was a lot of work but definitely fun, the main thing I learned from this experience is how I wanted my voice to sound. I recorded songs over and over and any lil thing that I didn’t like I fixed, I’m still like that to this day.  

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Over the years you’ve created various visuals that have generated millions of views across social media. What has been your favorite music video to date?  

Stop Playing is my favorite video so far, I just had so much fun acting with all my friends and running around the school. The fans really like that one too, it’s at over 100 million views.  

You just released your latest single, “Fill in the Blank”. Talk to us about the inspiration of this song and your overall process for recording music.  

I have so much music just sitting, “Fill In The Blank” was one I really liked and decided to put it out because I gave a sample of it on TikTok, and it went viral. I only go to the studio when I feel like it, you can’t make me go, I have to be in the mood, I don’t like wasting time and vibing with people, I like vibing alone. 

Can we expect a new music project this year?  

Yes, I’ll be releasing a new project this year before the tour called “Growing Pains”. Just briefly going over some of things I’ve had issues with as a teen and in the industry so far. I worked on set a lot, Monday-Friday and on most weekends, I was doing shows. So now I don’t do that, I give myself breaks. 

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Let’s talk about your Nickelodeon tv show “That Girl Lay Lay”. Tell us about how this opportunity came about, the show and your overall experience being a part of it.  

I got my role at Nickelodeon from having a meeting with the CEO Brian Robbins. I went in his office and said I’m going to get a show one way or another from you or somebody lol and he loved my confidence and actually gave me my own show! Love him for the opportunity and position he’s put me in from helping me out this way. The filming was fun as well but def long hours. I learned how to do so much and now I’ll write and produce my own show one day.  

How has it been for you growing up in front of the world? Have you had any hard lessons over the years that you could talk about a little more?  

The only real problem I have with growing up in front of the public is the harsh criticism from people in the comments section, like people can be really mean. Other than that, it’s been cool.  

Do you have any big plans for your 18th birthday next year? 

Nah, no plans as of yet, I know I want a high rise in Miami since I’ll finally be free lol but my sweet 16 was everything and I’m cool on b-day parties for now. 

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Once you graduate high school do you have any plans for college? If so, where are you going and what will you be studying?  

I’m not sure about college yet, I’m already in my career and making money so for now I’m just doing what I love and saving my money.  

When you’re in your hometown Houston, what are some things you do for fun?  

When I go home, I just chill and visit my family. It’s my time to rest because I’m always on the go. 

Who would be your dream music collab?  

Beyoncé or Rih Rih for sure, I love them! 

Let’s talk about your style, what are some of your favorite pieces and where do you draw inspiration from when picking outfits?  

I like baggy clothes, sweatpants and hoodies are my vibe right now, I always have a stylist for everything so when I’m not working, I’m just chilling and casual.  

What’s your current skincare routine?  

I really don’t have a skin routine; I just wash my face with Kiehl’s and use coco butter or vitamin E for face moisturizer.  

What’s next for Alaya High? Anything you can share exclusively with Galore readers?  

I’m working on a film called “Growing Pains” right now and it’s going to be big, some dope appearances for sure and cool new music included. It’s like a hood “Annie” meets High School Musical lol. 

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