How to tell bae to “STFU & Hold Me” according to Liz Huett

As if the world of dating isn’t already complicato enough — we’ve all had that moment of wanting to just blurt out whatever is in our head that we wanna tell our dude. But with the laws of dating, and as like, non-psychotic members of society, we are taught that we have to play that shit cool at all times.

In a perfect world, we could just play boo a song and hope that he listens real hard to the lyrics and suddenly have a lightbulb moment — but chances are, dude would just listen and groove to the beat instead, especially in the case of Liz Huett’s new single, “STFU & Hold Me.”

Liz moved to Nashville to begin her music career, got super lucky and ended up as a backing vocalist for T-Swift. Now, she’s making her own cool tunes out on her own, and this one came from “the feeling of wanting your man to man up.” Which like, same.

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Though Liz admits she’s definitely had to say to a guy “STFU and Hold Me,” she says that being honest all the time may not be the way to go….. “I’ve learned through trial and error that it’s about honesty AND how/when to deliver that honesty… both are equally important.”

For now, we’ll just have to keep making boo playlists of songs with subliminal lyrical messages — including STFU and Hold Me, duh — and hoping he can figure that shit out. Fingers crossed.

Some of the lyrics say “sour candy and whiskey” are what this dude tasted like the first night you kissed him — is this based on anything IRL?

I always want candy when I’m drinking. Whiskey and Sour Patch watermelon are two of my favorite vices.

The lyric video for “STFU and Hold Me” shows a lot of pictures of motels and other places — do these have any real significance to you?

Not really actually, but I do love a good spontaneous adventure/motel stay.

Since it has a lot of photos in it, If we went through your iPhone photo library, what would we find? What are the majority of the photos of?

Too many selfies that never made the cut (RIP), several videos of my hilarious friends, photos of my parents and a lot of Fuckjerry screenshots.

You started as a backing vocalist for Taylor Swift — what did you learn whilst on the road with her that you have applied to your own solo career? Are you still homies with TSwift?

It was the best music industry education an aspiring artist could ask for. And SO much fun!

This song is obviously telling your boo to stop talking (i.e. see the lyrics in the bridge….) and hold you — do you think being blunt in any relationship is the way to go?

Not all the time. I’ve learned through trial and error that it’s about honesty AND how/when to deliver that honesty… both are equally important.

If we were BFFs, and I was having dude troubles — let’s say, I was confused if a guy liked me or not — what advice would you give me using only a lyric from this song?

“You gotta love me”

What’s next for you?

I’m excited to play the single and then some for people and start making some friends out there on the road!

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