Watch Beyoncé lose her sh*t over Aaliyah at the VMAs

Yesterday marked the 16th anniversary of Aaliyah’s death, and Beyoncé honored the day by posting an adorable throwback video of that time she lost her shit over interviewing Aaliyah in 2000 at MTV Movie Awards.

At the time, Beyoncé was still just a girl from Destiny’s Child whereas Aaliyah was one of the biggest names in R&B.

This difference shows seeing as in the clip, Aaliyah is calm and composed whereas Beyoncé can’t help acting like a geeked out fan girl.

Although the clip is way too short, Beyoncé does manage to ask Aaliyah what she’s excited to see that night.

Obviously, Aaliyah’s answer was, “I wanna see D’Angelo perform.”

Immediately, Beyoncé proceeded to low key lose her shit saying, “Girl, I’m with you cuz you know he’s fine.”

Clearly, she was very excited to have something in common with Aaliyah. Also, D’Angelo was incredibly hot back then.

The clip is unbelievably adorable and absolutely would never, ever happen today and we thank Beyoncé for being chill enough to honor a time when she wasn’t the polished statue of perfection she is today.

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R.I.P. babygirl.

[H/T Vogue]

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