Why Taylor Might Not be Able to Sue Kim and Kanye For Recording Her

Word on the street is Taylor Swift and her legal team are getting ready to take Kanye West and Kim Kardashian for all they’re worth. But as it turns out, Taylor might not be able to sue Kanye and Kim for recording her — if and only if she knew other people were listening to the call to begin with.

According to California law, graciously explained to us by TMZ, recording a confidential call without the other person’s consent is a crime BUT if somebody’s around to overhear the conversation, and all parties are aware of that, then the phone call doesn’t qualify as confidential.

During the phone conversation, which can be found here, Kanye’s producer Rick Rubin, a.k.a. that guy who looks like he’s asleep/homeless, speaks up multiple times, and members of Kanye’s crew can also be heard talking in the background.

Of course, Taylor can always claim that she couldn’t actually hear any of them talking thanks to her shitty phone connection, but that excuse probably won’t hold up in court.

Like we said yesterday, Taylor, give it up. Kimye won this round.


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