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Here at Galore, we love profiling the up-and-coming artists destined to take over the music charts (remember our profile on Billie Eilish before she was…..Billie Eilish?) Tanner Adell, the blonde-haired bombshell from Kentucky is more than just a pretty face. The Columbia Records Country artist writes and producers her music, delivering her long-awaited album “Buckle Bunny” later this month. Tanner has garnered Millions of views online for her fun, honest, and upbeat tunes with singles like “See You in Church” and my personal favorite “Fu-150”. Buckle Bunny arrives July 21st pre-save HERE

Featured Interview:

How is being a black woman in country music disrupting the culture?

I don’t know if I’m disrupting or if people are just surprised how much they like my music once they give it a chance.

What lyric from your song “See You in church” hits home the hardest

I’m like Grace Kelly in a cowboy hat! I love fashion, Miss Kelly was a gorgeous chic fashion icon and I aspire to be just as timeless…but toss a cowboy hat in there

Tell us about your upbringing and how your love for country music started.

I grew up between Star Valley Wyoming and Manhattan Beach California. My school year was spent in CA but as soon as school was out I was freeing my spirit in Wyoming. I never cried as hard as I cried having to leave Wyoming to go back to CA. I’ve always loved wide open spaces and fresh air. That’s something you only find in the countryside. I’ve always loved that country music makes it a point to almost brag about how AMAZING the countryside is. Where you can actually see the STARS. There’s nothing like it.

Cowboy boots or Louboutins?

Cowboy boots, I’ll just paint the bottom red!

So you just played CMA Fest, how was that experience?

CMA Fest is always a blast. I got to meet so many fans and that’s the best part. I met multiple people who flew in from outside the country to see me play and that’s something of my dreams coming true.

Who are your SHEROES of country music?

I always like women with a little sass and in Miranda Lamberts case I really love her and her baddie self. Even listening to the pistol Annie’s I’ve always admired Miranda. In my most recent single Trailer Park Barbie, I mention “pull up with the lamb, not the car, Miranda” because I would seriously trade a Lambo for a car ride with that lady.

For those readers who are just discovering your music here and are not fans of the country give us your playlist for summer we need to include your tracks.

I’m pretty much the poster child for the “I hate country but I listen to you” crowd

I Hate Texas FU-150 Trailer Park Barbie

With those, you’ll be just about ready for Buckle Bunny next

Favorite food growing up?

I still eat quesadillas on a regular basis

What is the best food in Tennessee?

I don’t have a fav Tennessee food but the Sweet Tea in UNMATCHED

If you could collaborate with any artist on your next record who would it be and why

Lizzo needs a country moment. She’s an amazing writer and that’s mostly what I look for when I think about people I want to collab with. I want to have the amazing energy to write a kickass song.

Whats a country girls beauty ritual

I SHOULD say it doesn’t start till your chores are done but I’ll be honest I’ll run the scraps from breakfast up to the chicken coop in full glam.

What’s your favorite beauty product at the moment?

I love skincare and right now I am loving topicals Faded serum. I struggle with hyperpigmentation and that serum is a goddess.

How do you keep such good blonde hair what’s the secret?

My hair has always lightened a lot in the sun, although last year I went bottle blonde for the first time! My mom is a natural blonde so I must get that from her. I have my hair in protective styles 95% of the time! My favorite hair mask is H’suan Wen Hua from Lush Cosmetics and my fav oils are the JVN nourishing shine drops as well as his pre-wash oil. OIL UP YALL.

What is next for you on this superstar journey?

Well, I decided on a director for the Buckle Bunny music video and I think everyone who has been waiting for the song would be excited to know it’s getting a music video!! Lots of content and getting to know my fans even better and letting them get to know me!

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Photographer: Daniel Chaney

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