Talking politics in your dating profile can actually get you more matches

Post-election, OkCupid numbers showed that millennials, and moreso millennial women, care more about politics than good sex.

And we can’t blame them.

The percentage of new OkCupid users including political words in their profiles increased more than 1,000% in two years, according to the site’s numbers for 2017.

OkCupid just launched a new ad campaign that replaces the fuck in DTF, with things like “filter out the far right” and “fight about the president.”

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With this past election being so polarizing, it makes sense that people are dating based on political choices. People talking about politics are 52% more likely to have mutual interests and 78% more likely to have a successful conversation than members who do not talk about politics, according to OkCupid.

Also, in Washington, D.C., 70% of users prioritize politics over sex, followed by Chicago, Portland, Brooklyn and Philadelphia, where 50% of users made the same choice.

OkCupid also added 19 new questions. “Trump?” was marked as the most important question, and “Should guns be allowed in schools?” was the most answered question. The emphasis on these questions being used on a dating site means that people are actually giving a shit about their partner’s political views, which seems like a pretty big step. This is because most people “want someone who will share their value system,” according to Cynthia Wang, Associate Professor at Oklahoma State University.

Check out the rest of OkCupid’s political dating questions below, and see if your boo matches up!

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1. Would you fight for your country in an unjust war?

2. Do you usually vote in presidential (or applicable) elections?

3. Communism, in concept:

4. Do you enjoy discussing politics?

5. Which is more important for a good match? Same politics or good sex

6. Is climate change real?

7. Did you vote in the last election?

8. Should abortion be legal?

9. Trump?

10. Do you believe we should ‘build a wall?’

11. Do you believe guns should be allowed in schools?

12. What do you think of people who were scared shitless after the election?

13. Should the Federal government defund planned parenthood?

14. Do you think the left wing is guilty of perpetrating “Fake News”?

15. Should we be fighting to close the wage gap?

16. Do you believe Russia hacked the election?

17. Did you Feel the Bern?

18. Do you feel there should be a ban on predominantly Muslim immigrants entering the country?

19. Does Trump’s relationship with Russia concern you?

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