How to Take the Perfect Shelfie

You’ve mastered the art of the selfie, but what about a shelfie?

Shelfies — elegant pics of beauty products, lined up on a shelf or otherwise cutely arranged — are popping up everywhere, from beauty blogs to Instagram and even magazines. Taking a good shelfie isn’t as easy as it seems, so here are some tips to help you achieve perfection.

First you’ll need to figure out a few things…

1. A theme

A theme can be helpful especially if you’re planning on using your shelfie to portray something specific. This may be skincare, makeup or hair products. For example, if you are writing a blog post on skincare products that you use, a shelfie of your products are appropriate to really focus in on the topic.

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2. A color scheme

Variety is the spice of life. ‍♂️ #skincareroutine #topshelfie #omgbart

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Just like you see in paintings, a color scheme should be established. The above pic sticks mostly to green, yellow, and white. Choosing a few colors to stick with will help you later on when you’re choosing which products to use in your shelfie. Using black and white with a few pops of color is always a good idea!

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3. Remove your fuglier products

Using the color scheme of your choice, pick out a few products that fit. This may be the most important part of setting up your shelfie so don’t be afraid to be picky! Try to keep in mind size ratio and choose products that vary in height and width. The best shelfies don’t consist of totally uniform product sizes.

Now here comes the harder part…

4. Arrange them in a “casual” way

Girl can never have TOO much skincare ✨

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When positioning your products you want to make your shelfie look pleasing to the eye. This means adding movement throughout your shelfie by stacking, overlapping and using angles. You may choose to place the tallest product in the middle to create a focal point for the eye.

But you also don’t want your shelfie to look too posed. Make sure the products look like they’ve just been casually placed in this gorgeous, aesthetically pleasing way by tilting a few forward and backward or making sure they’re not in size order.

5. Play around with angles

Decide if you want the straightforward shelfie or the more natural shelfie. Angling your products is like the equivalent of a candid photo. Positioning your products to all face the same direction gives off a more serious and structured feel. But as mentioned above, keeping them a little less uniform will make it look more casual and realistic.


Morning routine ⛅️❤️. Sticking with yesterday’s theme these are budget friendly skincare items that my skin absolutely enjoys . ✨Cleanse #madhippie Cream Cleanser I’m more than half way done with this bottle and I’m definitely repurchasing it! It’s a gentle cream cleanser that actually leaves my skin feeling refreshed. It has a sweet aroma and I can use this around my eyes without any irritation. Price: $15.99 ✨Toner #muji Light Moisturizing Toning Water I love Muji stores stationary, skincare, and snacks yes please! Anyways this toner has no fragrance, its quite gentle, and leaves my skin feeling nice and comfortable. Price: $10.50 ✨Essence #cosrx Snail Essence Whenever my skin is feeling dry or compromised I like to include this in my routines. It works at bringing my complexion back to normal. I also love how lightweight it is. Price: $19.00 can find it a couple bucks cheaper through Amazon ✨Treat #paulaschoice Redness Relieve Ok so I love Kypris Antioxidant Dew because it works wonders at calming my redness. But that serum is a bit pricey so I like having this one in rotation. It works pretty well at diminishing my redness and it has a gel texture that absorbs rapidly . Price: $34.00 they have frequent sales and you can stack coupons ✨Moisturizer #glossier Priming Moisturizer My go to moisturizer for when my skin is feeling more combo-oily. lt doesn’t feel heavy on me and has never clogged my pores. Price: $25.00 but you can get 20% off by using a rep or bff link. ✨*Eye cream Mad Hippie Has a light texture and works at keeping my under eye balance. Also this seems to brighten my under eyes instantly, plus it has a pump! Price: $24.99 ✨Spot treatment #thebalmco I have used plenty of spot treatments but this is the only one that actually works on me. It doesn’t irritate my skin and my blemishes look so much smaller the next day. Price: $10.00 ✨Lip Balm #vaseline What can I say this is a classic beauty product and it works for me. Plus I enjoy the slight tint it gives and the cherry scent . Price $1.79 ✨Sunscreen #missha I talked about this one yesterday . Price: $14.00 *PR Gifted

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6. Finally, don’t be boring!

Here is today’s #morningroutine I woke up to find a lovely package from @tonymoly.us_official, filled with a bunch of new goodies & treats, so I decided to treat myself to a morning sheet mask ☺️ This Lotus one is really hydrating and soothing, and the essence in it is light enough that it doesn’t pile with the rest of my skincare. The weather here in SoCal has been perfect, it’s not hot yet and it’s either overcast or raining where I am, which I love. (Still have to wear that SPF!!) My breakout from the past few days has reduced completely, *knock on wood* thanks to the niacinamide & retinol combination. I’ve found that retinol is the best at combatting any break outs, even hormonal ones. What’s your go-to product for pimples? I wish everyone a lovely day today!! Take the best care of yourselves ♥️ – – – cleanse: #glossier milky jelly & #avene tone: #jurlique rosewater balancing mist essence: #saturdayskin serum: #jordansamuels . #moisturizer: #drunkelephant LaLa Retro eyedepuffer: #milkmakeup cooling water stick . lipbalm: #lanolips ‘rhubarb’ spf: #tatcha spf 35 facemask: #tonymoly ‘luminating lotus mask sheet’ . . . . . . . . . . ______________________________________________________ #bblogger #greenbeauty #eczema #drunkinlove #skincaredaily #beautyinspo #igskincare #skincarelover #greenskincare #instablogger #intothegloss #kbeauty #koreanbeauty

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A boring shelfie is like a selfie with no emotion, no pose and nothing eye catching. A shelfie is meant to provide some sort of aesthetic through objects, in this case beauty products. Add some fun finishing touches to the empty spaces in your shelfie. Plants, flowers, candles and product packagings are a great way to fill empty space.

Now you’ve learned about the art of the shelfie and it’s your turn to master it!

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