How to Wear Glitter Makeup in the Daytime

Glitter is everything most of us aspire to be in life.

Fun, flirty, and the opposite of boring.

But it’s hard to wear it in the daytime without people assuming you had a late night and forgot to wash your face when you woke up.

Here are some tips for how to how glitter in the daytime without looking like a hot mess.

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1. Isolated areas are your friend

When it comes to daytime glitter, a little bit goes a long way.

Instead of giving your busted mug an all-over dusting, stick to isolated areas of shine in the eye area.

We’re talking eyelids, eye creases, or some tasteful eyeliner.

My favorite trick is to apply a thin line of glitter liner on your bottom eye, from your inner eye crease to where your lower eyelashes start being visible. Just make sure you put the liner UNDER the waterline of your eyes, or else it’ll burn like a UTI.

2. Just say no to cremes

Daytime glitter shouldn’t look like you caked it on and generally speaking, creme-based glitters tend to lay it on a little thick.

Instead opt for either a roll-on glitter stick or a powder-based glitter eyeshadow, like this one from Urban Decay. They’re easier to apply and they’re less likely to get messy over the course of the day.

3. Keep it neutral

Daytime looks tend to be more natural, so unless you’re working at a Hot Topic, you should stick to neutral glitter colors instead of rainbow.

From the hours of 9-5, the only colors of glitter you should even be thinking about are gold, dusty pink, bronze and grey.

4. Keep it neat

Glitter can get messy, especially as summer starts to get sweatier, so make sure you keep an eye on your bizzness.

Throughout the day, take periodic trips to the bathroom or whip out a compact to make sure your eye glitter hasn’t migrated to other parts of your face. And if it has, just take a makeup remover or a wet piece of toilet paper and wipe any excess away.

Featured image from this YouTube tutorial. Check it out!!! Get on with your glamazon self. 

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